Fun Epic Things To Do In Branson Mo With Kids

Fun epic things to do in branson mo with kids

Branson, Missouri, is not just a destination for adults seeking entertainment; it’s also a fantastic place to bring your kids! With its vibrant attractions and family-friendly environment, Branson offers an array of fun-filled activities that will keep your little ones entertained for days.

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Things to do in Branson Mo with Kids

With incredible sights, thrilling activities, and breathtaking scenery, Branson is one of the best places to travel with children in the United States, and for good reason. From thrilling theme parks to interactive museums and natural wonders, this list of 21 epic things to do in Branson mo with kids is sure to create unforgettable memories for the whole family.

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Where is Branson Mo?

Nestled among the picturesque Ozark Mountains in the heart of the United States lies a hidden gem that captivates visitors with its unique blend of natural beauty, entertainment, and Midwestern charm. Welcome to Branson, Missouri, a captivating destination that offers an unforgettable experience for individuals, couples, and families alike.

Situated in the southwestern corner of Missouri, Branson is conveniently located at the crossroads of several major transportation routes, making it easily accessible for travelers from across the country. The city is nestled in Taney County, bordered by the pristine waters of Table Rock Lake to the south and the majestic beauty of the Mark Twain National Forest to the northeast. There are several fun things to do in Branson Mo with kids.

Despite its small size, Branson is famed for its vibrant entertainment industry, often referred to as the “Live Music Capital of the World.” The city boasts an impressive array of theaters, showcasing acclaimed live shows, including toe-tapping musical performances, hilarious comedy acts, mesmerizing acrobatic displays, and awe-inspiring magic shows. From country music to gospel, Branson offers a diverse range of entertainment options to suit every taste and preference and many fun things to do in Branson Mo with kids.

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What is Branson MO best known for?

Branson, Missouri, is most famous for its abundance of live entertainment, earning it the nickname “Live Entertainment Capital of the World.” With over 50 theaters and 60,000 seats, the city offers a wide variety of shows, from music and dance to magic and comedy. Popular performers often have residencies here, and Christmas shows are a major draw.

While entertainment takes center stage, Branson also boasts stunning natural scenery in the Ozark Mountains, offering opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and boating on Table Rock Lake.

Fun Things To Do in Branson Mo With Kids

Here are fun epic things to do in Branson Mo with kids

1. Silver Dollar City

It might surprise you to learn that the finest Branson family activities include theme parks. Your kid might not be ready for the thrilling coasters and water rides at Silver Dollar City.

However, as there are various areas of the park designated for families, visiting Silver Dollar City with young children is completely feasible as there are many fun things to do in Branson Mo with kids.

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Wave Carousel at Silver Dollar City

Kids enjoyed the thrill rides and attractions including Fireman’s Landing, Firehouse Playhouse, and the Magnificent Wave Carousel in addition to the water park, where the small ones could slide and slip all day long. You can be sure that your little ones will enjoy Silver Dollar City just as much as you do!

2. Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner and Attraction

One of the performances that the whole family may enjoy is Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner and Attraction. This activity is one of the best toddler-friendly things to do in Branson, Missouri, for kids 3 and older. When your child has a longer attention span, it makes for a more delightful experience because it demands sitting for at least 90 minutes.

However, the show itself is incredibly compelling. The show strives to amuse everyone, even children, with upbeat music, cheesy jokes, and live animals. Kids also have the opportunity to shout, yell, and applaud to their heart’s content because the program is a competition. (They enjoy this segment of the program!). This is one of the fun things to do in Branson Mo with kids.

3. Wonderworks Branson

At this interactive Branson site, explore a butterfly exhibit and the depths of a rainforest jungle! This is part of the several fun things to do in Branson Mo with kids.

4. Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure

At this interactive Branson site, explore a butterfly exhibit and the depths of a rainforest jungle! The Botanical Garden, home to over 10,000 tropical butterflies, is the focus of this Branson family destination. See if any butterflies land on your hand or shoulder after watching them fly over the sky.

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5. Branson Ferris Wheel

The Track Family Fun Parks in Branson, Missouri are the quickest way for families to have fun together, whether or not you have kids with you.

Riding the spectacular Branson Ferris Wheel is one of the top Branson MO things to do with toddlers among the park’s many attractions. Take a ride on this 150-foot-tall Ferris wheel to soar over Branson. With 240 seats each, its 40 gondolas illuminate the night with 16,000 LED lights.

It’s a pretty economical Branson activity because kids under three are also free. This is one of the fun things to do in Branson Mo with kids.

Ferris wheel | things to do in brandson mo with kids

6. Branson Mountain Adventure Park

The first mountain coaster in the Ozarks can be found at Branson Mountain Adventure Park.

7.  Fritz’s Adventure Park

An indoor park including slides, a ropes course, and underground tunnels is called Fritz’s Adventure Park.

8. Branson Dinosaur Museum

Who loves dinosaurs, do you know? Toddlers! The Branson Dinosaur Museum should be on your agenda of the finest Branson attractions for kids if you have a child who is a dinosaur enthusiast. Add this to your list of interesting things to do in Branson Mo with kids.

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Things to do in Branson Mo with Kids

9. Beyond The Lens Family Fun Branson

The Lens Family and Beyond For teenagers and a group of friends, having fun is frequently the best part of their trip to Branson! Teenagers have a lot of fun and laugh playing the interactive games and activities in this pop culture-focused museum.

10. World’s Largest Toy Museum

If not at the World’s Largest Toy Museum, where else would you take your children in Branson? Both the toys they are familiar with and the ones they are unfamiliar with are inside. Therefore, now is the ideal time to share some of your childhood favorites with your children.

11. Copperhead Mountain Coaster in Branson

Fortunately, the Copperhead Mountain Coaster in Branson is an exception and is perhaps one of the more thrilling things to do in Branson Mo with kids. There aren’t many roller coasters that invite children for a ride.

12. Amazing Pets Show

Many tourists travel to Branson to take in the top-notch live entertainment. Branson’s theatres are bursting with live performances and elaborate musicals, many of which are suitable for families

13. Branson Duck Tours

Does the child never grow weary of using the duck bath toy every day? Riding Branson’s Duck Boat Tour will boost the ante! You’ll travel with the family on foot through the streets of Historic Branson while enjoying tales, jokes, and history—singing and laughing along the way—making it one of the greatest things to do in Branson for toddlers.

14. Pancakes & PJs Cruise on the Showboat Branson Belle

Considering taking the family to Branson during the most delightful season of the year? If you purchase tickets for the Pancakes & PJs Cruise aboard the Showboat Branson Belle, Branson, Missouri kids will be even more enchanted!

Parents who are unsure about what to do in Branson with toddlers should check out this seasonal event, which has to be among the greatest things to do in Branson Mo with kids.

15. Reza Edge of Illusion Show

The Reza Edge of Illusion Show is a highly sought-after experience that offers thrills for kids interested in magic and autos. If that gets your engine flowing, acquire tickets to the sought-after Reza Edge of Illusion Show.

16. Branson Theater District

Don’t know what to do with the kids in Branson while it’s raining? After that, visit Ripley’s Believe It Or Not to be amazed by its unique exhibits. If your kids believe museums are dull, I’m willing to bet Ripley’s Believe It Or Not will change their minds. Everyone in your family will be fascinated by this fascinating museum, which features a variety of delightfully strange exhibits.

A true vampire killing scene, shrunken heads, and a 20-foot-tall robot built of auto parts are a few of the museum’s most well-liked displays. This is among the amazing things to do in Branson Mo with kids.

17. Branson Scenic Railway — Downtown

Take a ride on the Branson Scenic Railway for a cool, enjoyable, and comfortable way to experience the splendor of the Ozarks. Looking for fun things to do in Branson with young children and toddlers? You can board a train and go through southwest Missouri’s and northwest Arkansas’ beautiful wilderness.

Along with the beautiful views, the area’s fauna and abandoned towns can be seen. By the way, you might also want to look into their Saturday dinner rides and Polar Express rides throughout the winter.

18. Branson Landing Fountain Show — Branson Landing

The Branson Landing Fountain Show is unquestionably among the best free family-friendly activities in Branson. Visit Branson Landing for a low-cost family-friendly adventure and be amazed by its beautiful Fountain Show. Families may sit and enjoy the musically synchronized display of fire columns and 100-foot fountain geysers.

19. The Track Family Fun Parks — Downtown

The Track Family Fun Parks are equipped with amazing and exciting attractions. The Track Family Fun Parks feature a variety of games and activities. Families will find thrills and enjoyment here at every turn, from heart-pounding rides to go-kart races and laser tag. The Track Family Fun Parks also offer batting cages and arcade games. This is one of the best things to do in Branson Mo with kids.

20. Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park — Branson Township

Shepherd truly is the best aerial adventure park in the nation. With its ATV tracks, zip lines, and rope courses, this park will let go of your happy homoses and provide plenty of outdoor thrills. It’s a must-visit location for families because it also has a petting zoo and a few live performance spaces. This is an amazing spot and should be among the things to do in Branson Mo with kids.

21. Hughes Brothers Theatre

The family-friendly production of “IT” at Hughes Brothers Theatre is perfect for a fun night out with the gang. The Hughes family, which has more than 50 members, will put on a performance for the ages that includes music, dance routines, and comedic acts.

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Branson, MO, is a destination that caters to families with kids, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment during your visit. So, embark on your adventure and enjoy the epic experiences that Branson has to offer for a truly memorable family vacation. Branson, MO, might be known as the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World,” but it’s also a paradise for families with kids with amazing things to do in Branson Mo with kids. With a vast selection of attractions, theme parks, natural wonders, museums, and shows, you’ll never run out of epic things to do together. Whether your children love thrilling rides, interactive exhibits, or exploring nature, Branson has something for everyone.

When you’re wondering where to escape to for your next vacation, look no further than Branson MO. Whether you seek natural beauty, world-class entertainment, or a cozy retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Branson offers it all. Come and be captivated by the enchanting oasis of the Ozark Mountains – a destination that promises to leave a lasting impression on your heart and soul. So pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime in this fantastic family destination with lots of fun things to do in Branson Mo with kids.

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Is Branson, MO, a safe destination for families?

Yes, Branson is considered a safe destination for families. The city prioritizes tourism and maintains a family-friendly atmosphere.

Are there age restrictions for the kid-friendly activities in Branson?

Activity age restrictions may vary. Some attractions may have height or age requirements for certain rides or exhibits. It’s best to check the specific attraction’s website or contact them directly for accurate information.

When is the best time to visit Branson with kids?

Branson is a year-round destination, but the summer months and holiday seasons tend to be the busiest. Spring and fall months offer pleasant weather and fewer crowds, making it an ideal time to visit with kids.

Are there accommodation options suitable for families in Branson?

Yes, Branson offers a wide range of accommodation options suitable for families, including hotels, resorts, condos, and vacation rentals. Be sure to check for amenities such as swimming pools and playgrounds when choosing accommodation for a family-friendly experience.


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