14 Best Indoor Activities In Edinburgh

14 best indoor activities edinburgh

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city and is one of the 32 council areas. Edinburgh is a magnificent city known for its fascinating places. It is beautiful in the autumn, and they are no denying the fact that rainy days are becoming more frequent.

In this piece, you are going to learn about indoor activities in Edinburgh. To help keep the rainy days from affecting your fun. 

Best Indoor Activities In Edinburgh

Edinburgh might only be known for sometimes having the best weather. But a little drop of rain or gust of wind doesn’t mean you have to postpone exploring this wonderful city.

Here are Edinburgh’s top indoor attractions activities that will surely keep you entertained throughout your trip. Below are some of the best indoor activities in Edinburgh.

  1. The National Museum of Scotland

    This is one of the most loved museums in Edinburgh, Located on Chambers Street in Edinburgh’s Old Town. The museum is educational and full of fascinating and interactive exhibits that keep visitors engaged and excited. 

    The exhibitions include art and design, science, Scottish history, nature, cultures worldwide, technology, and more. In addition, the National Museum of Scotland is filled with many artifacts from Scotland’s history.

    Going to the museum will take you back in time to explore centuries of fashion and style, including designs by Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier, and discover the culture and relics of Ancient Egypt, East Asia, and more. Every room is a different experience from the last, you might get lost in it all. 
  1. The Edinburgh Castle 

    Your visit to Edinburgh will only be complete if you visit Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh Castle is one of Scotland’s most visited tourist attractions, with an estimated number of over two million visitors yearly.

    One of the best parts of visiting Edinburgh Castle is the amazing views across some of the city’s most beautiful areas, including the Royal Mile, Princes Street, and the lush greenery of Princes Street Gardens. 

    If you plan your timings properly, you’ll be able to witness the One O’Clock Salute, where a cannon would be fired at 1 pm every Day. And it’s an Edinburgh tradition!
    Here are some other things you should also do in Edinburgh on your visit.
Indoor activities edinburgh
  1. The Scottish National Gallery

    This part of Edinburgh is for the big art lover. It’s one of the best indoor activities on a lousy weather day. It’s located on the Mound, just a short walk from Princes Street. 

    This gallery makes the perfect escape from the elements. What makes it an excellent indoor activity is that it’s among the best free things you can do in Edinburgh, making it easier for travelers or people on a budget. 

    The Scottish National Gallery features some of the most remarkable and fascinating art worldwide. One fantastic thing is that these artists are all displayed in a beautiful building right in the heart of Edinburgh.
Indoor activities edinburgh
  1. St James Quarter

    The St James Quarter is an Edinburgh shopping district that opened in 2021. It’s a shopping district with over eighty retailers, thirty restaurants, and Bonnie and Wild fooď hall. 

    The bright and airy canopy-roofed Galleria is home to many cutting-edge brands. Some of these are debuting in Scotland for the first time at this venue, including Stradivarius, Pull&Bear, Bershka, and & Other Stories.
  1. Bonnie and Wild Market Place

    Bonnie and Wild Marketplace located at the 4th floor on the 4th floor of St James Quarter is a gem in Edinburgh’s food and drink scene. It’s an innovative social dining where you aren’t restricted to one particular menu. 

    Instead, you can choose from a ton of specialties. All you have to do is go around, order your favorites, and head back to your designated table in the open-plan seating.
  1. Lane 7

    Lane 7 is one of the places you must visit when visiting the St James Quarter. All you have to do is go around, check out what’s been served, order your favorite, and head back to your designated table in the open-plan seating.

    Make your way around each activity with a drink in hand, and be sure to keep track of your scores. It’s open from 11 am until late, so you can get the party started at any time of the Day.
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  1. Fore Play Crazy Golf

    Next up is a venue with one of the cheekiest names in town  Fore Play Crazy Golf. The foreplay crazy golf is one of the best indoor activities in Edinburgh if you’re looking for fun times, punchy cocktails, and tasty food.

    Fore Play combines all three under one roof to create the ultimate Day (or night) out. So grab a putter and make your way around nine Edinburgh-inspired golf holes, with famous mini landmarks like Greyfriars Bobby and the Scott Monument dotted along the way.
  1. Camera Obscura and World of Illusions

    Sitting right at the top of the Royal Mile is Camera Obscura, a weird and wonderful attraction sure to mesmerize you!

    Over an impressive five floors, you’ll find galleries full of over 100 mind-bending illusions, magical light tricks, and many hilarious photo opportunities. 

    It’s a hands-on experience to throw yourself into, and it’s great for all ages. Only leave with visiting the Rooftop Terrace, which offers 360-degree views over the city.
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  1. Festival Theatre

    If you’re looking for great entertainment – anything from musicals to ballet, to opera and beyond – then a visit to Festival Theatre is among the best things to do in Edinburgh on a rainy day. 

    It’s the largest performance area in Scotland and the home of the Scottish Ballet and Scottish Opera, even gaining a reputation as one of the world’s leading dance houses. 

The venue has a year-round program with a massive variety of shows and performances.

Best Indoor Activities Edinburgh on a Rainy Day

When paying a visit to Edinburgh, you should pack for all the seasons when you plan a visit to Scotland. Although it adds to the city’s charm, So pack your umbrella and make a note of these useful indoor activities in Edinburgh which are listed below.

  1. Botanical garden glasshouse

    If you’d like to escape the rain and wander through a humid tropical rainforest, head to the Botanic Gardens to explore their glasshouses which were built in 1858. 

    Access to the gorgeous Temperate Palms glasshouse, the lower section of the Temperate Lands glasshouse, and the Aquarium is free. However, if you’d like to explore all their glasshouses, there is an entrance fee for adults of £6.50, but children go free!
Indoor activities edinburgh
  1. Dominion Cinema

    Suppose you’re looking to escape the weather and immerse yourself in the latest Hollywood blockbuster or independent flick. Where better to go than the Art Deco Dominion Cinema in Morningside? It has been Owned and operated by the same family for nearly 80 years, and the cinema offers a unique luxury experience for film lovers.

    With comfortable sofas, footstools, and complimentary snacks, you’ll never be able to return to the theater after a cozy experience here.
  1. You can go to the Scotch Whisky Experience

    Looking for things you can do in Edinburgh on a rainy day? Look no further than the Scotch Whisky Experience, close to Edinburgh Castle.

    They offer various tour options such as tastings, a shop, and even a restaurant. You could end up spending nearly the entire Day there. 
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  1. The National Library of Scotland

    If you are a book lover, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Scotland’s national library. You will love the National Library of Scotland because It’s one of the biggest in the United Kingdom, making it a great way to escape the rain in Edinburgh and a fun thing to do during rainy days.

    Among some of its numerous collections are Shakespeare’s First Folio, and you’ll also find one of the world’s most extensive collections of Scottish Gaelic material in the national library.
  1. Edinburgh Playhouse

    For those who just came to Edinburgh on vacation, The Playhouse is an iconic Edinburgh staple that deserves a visit, whether rain or shine.

    The Playhouse hosts a lot of things like concerts, comedy acts, and touring musical theatre performances, so they are always something to see, and it’s the best thing to do when it’s raining in Edinburgh.

What should you not miss in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, is a treasure trove of history, culture, and stunning architecture. To make the most of your visit, here are a few things you shouldn’t miss:

  • Edinburgh Castle:pen_spark Towering over the city skyline, Edinburgh Castle is a must-see for any visitor. This historic fortress offers stunning views of the city, fascinating exhibits on Scotland’s rich history, and the opportunity to see the famous Mons Meg cannon.
  • The Royal Mile: This historic street, lined with shops, museums, and ancient buildings, is a great place to wander and soak up the atmosphere of Edinburgh. Be sure to stop by St Giles’ Cathedral, the Scottish National War Memorial, and the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland.
  • Arthur’s Seat: For a panoramic view of the city, hike up Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano that dominates the skyline. The hike is relatively easy and the views from the top are worth the effort.


What to do in Edinburgh when it’s wet?

Explore Edinburgh’s museums (art, history), or enjoy afternoon tea!

Where can I chill in Edinburgh?

Here are two chill options in Edinburgh:
Princes Street Gardens: Relax amidst greenery in the heart of the city.

What is the most beautiful street in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh’s most beautiful street is often called Circus Lane.


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