Best paella restaurants in barcelona
Best Paella Restaurants in Barcelona

Although there are many things to do in Barcelona, one must not miss out on Paella, a colorful and well-known Spanish dish. Spanish cuisine’s southeast coast is where Paella, a fragrant rice dish, first appeared. Its distinctive quality is the flat pan in which it is prepared. Saffron is used to season the rice, giving it a beautiful aroma and unique golden color.

Although there is a similar base to all paella meals, there are several variations, and cooks can get creative with their ingredients—tomatoes, onions, peppers, chorizo, chicken, mussels, prawns, and more. To garnish their pans, one can choose from meat, seafood, and vibrant veggies.


Paella is a traditional Spanish dish originating from the Valencia region, although it’s widely enjoyed throughout Spain and internationally. It’s a flavorful and aromatic rice dish typically cooked in a wide, shallow pan called a “paellera.”

The dish is known for its vibrant colors and rich flavors, often featuring a combination of ingredients such as saffron-infused rice, vegetables like tomatoes, peas, and bell peppers, and proteins like chicken, rabbit, seafood, or a mix of these. The choice of ingredients can vary based on regional preferences and personal tastes.

Paella is cooked slowly to allow the flavors to meld together and develop a delicious crust on the bottom called “socarrat.” It’s often served as a communal dish, bringing people together to share a hearty and satisfying meal.


Determining the “best” paella is subjective and can vary based on personal preferences and individual tastes. Some people prefer traditional Valencian paella, which typically includes chicken, rabbit, and sometimes snails.

Others may enjoy seafood paella, featuring a variety of fresh seafood like shrimp, mussels, and squid. Vegetarian or vegan paellas, with ingredients like artichokes, peppers, and beans, are also popular options.

Ultimately, the “best” paella is the one that you enjoy the most, whether it’s prepared with traditional ingredients or incorporates unique flavors and variations. Sampling different types of paella can be a fun and delicious adventure, allowing you to discover your favorite version of this iconic Spanish dish.

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1. MANÁ 75

Maná 75 in Barcelona is the place to go when you are in need of the best Paella restaurants in Barcelona . There are many fascinating paellas to pick from hidden around the rear of The W Hotel, just a short distance from the beach (although there is no actual view of the ocean). Actually, more than any other item on this list.

Watch them being cooked at the open kitchen counter. There are many tables inside and outside of this contemporary, expansive location, but they fill up quickly. Book well in advance, especially during the summer.

Best paella restaurants in barcelona
Maná 75| Best Paella Restaurants in Barcelona


With a young clientele and unique design, Restaurant Arume is a lively and eccentric establishment in an alley and one of the best paella restaurants in Barcelona. Long lines are out the door, which indicates that the restaurant is well-recognized for its fantastic service and delicious food.

For individuals who are allergic to seafood, good news! Those with allergies seem excluded from Barcelona’s abundance of seafood paella options. Do not worry if you’re one of them! The specialty duck paella at Restaurant Arume is a must-try, according to all patrons, even if they all adore the seafood paella.

Many even vouch for it transforming their lives. Just keep in mind to reserve a table to save yourself some hassle!

Location: Calle Botella, 11–13 Barcelona, Spain


Elche is the epitome of authenticity. It is among the best paella restaurants in Barcelona and the restaurant is named after the hometown of the proprietors, which is located in the paella-producing region. The family-run restaurant has served classic seafood and chicken paella for over 50 years.

Elegant setting with a white tablecloth. While not the cheapest option, it provides excellent food and service at a lower cost than comparable high-end restaurants. Of course, you’re also paying to eat authentic, freshly prepared Paella, which we think is well worth it!

Location: C/ Vila I Vilà, 71, Barcelona, 08004

Best paella restaurants in barcelona
Elche| Best Paella Restaurants in Barcelona


Can Sole is one of the best paella restaurants in Barcelona. I’ve heard great things about this place from several locals; if you don’t believe them, I can only vouch that a century of history is unreliable. The location makes it a little costly, but the generous portions and Master-chef-like presentation make up for it.

It is a tiny establishment in a two-story home that serves as a genuine throwback to a time when Barcelona involved more than just tourism. A personal touch not found in more touristy establishments was the owner stopping over for a talk.

Perfect for rice recipes with a modern twist and a little bit of authentic Barcelona.

Best paella restaurants in barcelona
Can Sole| Best Paella Restaurants in Barcelona


Baracca is one of the best paella restaurants in Barcelona. Xavier Pellicer, a chef with two Michelin stars, oversees this so-called urban beach restaurant near the famous Barceloneta beach. Naturally, it offers some of Barcelona’s best Paella, but reserve a seat in the upstairs eating area to enjoy the view.

Expect to pay between 30 and 35 euros, a fantastic value for the area’s price-quality ratio. Vegetarians should try the organic veggie paella.


With a view of the Barcelona Port, Martnez is one of the best paella restaurants in Barcelona on Montjuic Hill. There are several ways to reach there, including a taxi, the Aeri del Port cablecar (though watch out for the long lineups), and a 10-minute walk from the Funicular de Montjuic’s higher station.

They purchase their goods from local fishmongers, farmers in adjacent towns, and the Boqueria Market. Their rice grains are one of their strengths, although Paella isn’t their sole specialty (tapas and dishes cooked over charcoal are also on the menu).

They provide four consistent rice dishes (vegetarian, black rice, shelled seafood, and Valencian Paella), as well as three others that change depending on what’s available in the market: red prawns, lobster, and… Sea cucumbers from the Costa Brava!

Best paella restaurants in barcelona
Martnez| Best Paella Restaurants in Barcelona


A hidden gastronomic gem can be found in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, not far from the annual World Mobile Congress and it is among the best paella restaurants in Barcelona. A fusion of traditional rice dishes and tapas, like Paella, with new, contemporary ideas.

The Paella has a more Catalan aesthetic—a more crisp rice with a thinner coating. One of Barcelona’s best paellas may be enjoyed without being near the water.


The panoramic views of the harbor are among the best paella restaurants in Barcelona. This contemporary Catalan restaurant has only a few paellas—about three rice dishes. But here, quality prevails over quantity. For instance, the crayfish sticky rice is thin, flavorful, and perfectly cooked, yet doesn’t include mountains of seafood.

Best paella restaurants in barcelona
Fiskebar| Best Paella Restaurants in Barcelona


This is where you should go if you’re seeking an authentic Barceloneta paella or rice meal. La Mar Salada is not only one of best paella restaurants in Barcelona, but it also produces some of the best in the city. Furthermore, they go out every morning to reel fresh fish to serve that same day, so it doesn’t get any fresher.

Their excellent stews and paellas reflect their inventiveness and reverence for their ingredients. We particularly like the black rice with cuttlefish and artichokes and the “de Senyoret” rice with the day’s catch.


Can Ros is one of the best paella restaurants in Barcelona. With its reasonably priced set lunch menu and an entire section of rice dishes on the à la carte menu, Can Ros is another reason to visit Barceloneta for a meal. Highlights include the superb rice with “capipota” (calf’s head and foot) and prawns and the melt-in-your-mouth rice with lobster.

The black rice with cuttlefish and artichokes—a good litmus test—was all we could have asked for and more. We got squid croquettes to get our appetites going. They were perfectly fried and had an excellent cushion of tomato sauce and alioli (garlic mayonnaise). What we were looking for was simplicity.


Cruix is also one of the best paella restaurants in Barcelona. Chef Miguel Pardo, a Valencian, is in charge of this top-notch restaurant where you can get creative tapas and gorgeous rice dishes that you’ll want to eat straight out of the pan. The baby squid black rice with alioli mousse is something we can recommend.

There is also a vegan rice dish for your guests who don’t like eating meat or seafood. The tasting menu includes five tapas, a rice dish to share, and dessert for about €35 if you want a little bit of everything.

Best paella restaurants in barcelona
Cruix| Best Paella Restaurants in Barcelona


Arrosseria Xàtiva has three sites in the city, including one in the Les Corts neighborhood and two others. It serves no less than 24 distinct rice dishes. Additionally, you can use a wooden spoon to eat them right out of the pan. They also prepare meals for go. Test out the 15th-century recipe for “passejat” rice, which means “walked.”

It is out of this world, made with chickpeas, chicken, and pig’s ears, and is overseen by a “morcilla” blood sausage with diced onion. It received its name from when women used to carry it to be baked in the community oven.


Envalira in Gràcia demonstrates that you don’t need to battle the Barceloneta crowds for a fantastic paella or rice meal. Don’t be put off by the lack of design; there are more critical things to consider here, such as the seafood paella, black rice, and Milanesa rice that will keep you daydreaming for weeks.

Find out what’s in the season to avoid missing out on the wild mushrooms (also known as “revelers”), and reserve room for desserts like tiramisu ice cream or fresh figs with fresh cream and chocolate sauce.


This charming location in Barceloneta has two peaceful terraces. Still, it is largely unnoticed by tourists, so it doesn’t experience the same decline in quality as other paella restaurants on the seaside. However, trying the silky fish soup and the hearty paellas is also worthwhile.

Spectacular displays of fresh seafood showcase what’s available that day. You want rice, and you can get a typical seafood paella if you wish to, but if you try something different (and your wallet permits it), push the rice or Paella with lobster or the rice with sea cucumber.

Best paella restaurants in barcelona
Can Ramonet| Best Paella Restaurants in Barcelona


In Barcelona, you can expect to pay around €30.00-€35.00 per person for paella, with a minimum order typically serving two people. This means you’ll likely spend approximately €60.00-€70.00 for a quality paella meal. Prices may vary depending on the restaurant’s location, ambiance, and ingredients used in the dish.

It’s important to keep in mind that paella is often considered a shared dish, so the cost per person can add up quickly if dining with a group.

Additionally, some restaurants may offer different varieties of paella, which could affect the overall price. While it may seem a bit pricey, indulging in authentic paella in Barcelona is often considered a worthwhile culinary experience, allowing you to savor the flavors of this iconic Spanish dish in its cultural homeland.


Where can I find the best Paella in Spain?

Numerous tourists to Spain have Paella on their bucket lists since it is arguably the most well-known Spanish dish in the entire globe. Although you could be excused for thinking that Paella is a standard in eateries and households across the nation, it is particularly adored in Valencia, where it originates.

What kind of rice works best for Paella?

The ideal paella rice is bomba. In addition to being true to the dish, the outcomes are virtually always flawless. If bomba rice is unavailable, Calasparra rice is a great alternative. Arborio Rice will do if you are still looking for Bomba or Calasparra.

Is Paella eaten for lunch or dinner?

A typical lunchtime food is Paella. Only in tourist-oriented restaurants is it possible to order Paella after dark. The quality could be better since this Paella is frequently not produced from scratch. The precise time you can eat Paella depends on what time it is during lunchtime where you are.

Is Paella dry or wet?

Dry rice
Paella is a dry rice; thus, all of the liquid must have been absorbed after the rice is finished. Missing the mark can result in mushy Paella or undercooked grains. The secret to success is locating a significant, steady, intense source of heat that will uniformly heat the whole pan.


In Spain, consuming Paella is a tradition. It is one of those things you must do, like sipping Guinness in Dublin or eating pizza in Naples. There is a cliched aspect to it, but set aside your cynicism and dive in. The greatest Paella in Barcelona is pretty much the dictionary definition of “delicious,” which we could all use more in our lives.



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