12 Best Spanish Restaurants In Barcelona

Best spanish restaurants in barcelona
Best Spanish Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is home to several excellent restaurants serving both Spanish and fusion cuisine. There are a lot of well-known restaurants all across the city, but how can you tell which ones are good and which are simply tourist traps?

Whether you’re looking for a fine dining restaurant, vegetarian food, or seafood, this guide will have something for you. You’ll enjoy some of Barcelona’s best food and service regardless of which restaurant you pick.

This article entails the 12 Best Spanish Restaurants in Barcelona. Make sure you read till the end and choose the one that works best for you.



Eat in one of the most energetic areas

Viana is one of the best Spanish restaurants in Barcelona in the Gothic Quarter, primarily known for its nightlife. This restaurant offers beverages in addition to Spanish and other ethnic cuisine. There may be a slight wait for a table because this is a tiny restaurant with a bar inside. Since this is a trendy restaurant, bookings are advised.

The Argentinian steak, suckling pig, blackberry mojito, and burrata cheese as appetizers are all must-tries. All the dishes on the menu are well-liked and will satisfy you after dinner. They also provide some delectable desserts if you are in the mood for something sweet.

Location: Carrer del Vidre, 7, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Hours of Operation: Open from 6 pm to 12 am. Monday through Thursday. 1–4 pm on Fridays and 6–12 am on Sundays.

Best spanish restaurants in barcelona
Viana| Best Spanish Restaurants in Barcelona


Lasarte is known to be one of the best Spanish restaurants in Barcelona. Given that Lasarte has three Michelin stars, dining there is exceedingly pricey. This is the place to go if you want to experience excellent cuisine and are okay with spending extra money. The best customer service will be provided to you, along with a friendly staff welcome.

If you need help deciding what to get, the tasting menu and suggested wine pairing are excellent options. Lasarte will provide you with a memorable experience, but book many weeks in advance.

Location: Carrer Mallorca, 259, 08008 Barcelona, Spain

Hours of Operation: Tuesday through Saturday, 1:30 to 3:00 and 8:30 to 10:00.



La Paradeta Sagrada Familia is the place to go if you’re a significant fan of seafood. They have several locations, but the Sagrada Familia church location is the busiest. You should arrive early if you want to eat at this restaurant. A queue is typically outside before they open, and they do not accept bookings. It is advisable to arrive here around 30 minutes before they open, particularly during supper.

This restaurant is one of the best Spanish restaurants in Barcelona and it has a very distinctive technique of taking orders for food. You can choose how the seafood is prepared and the seafood is weighed. They will announce your number when the food is ready.

Make sure to place sufficient orders because, given the enormous waiting queue, they won’t accept a second opportunity.

Location: Passatge Simó, 18 08025 Barcelona, Spain.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday through Thursday, 1–4 pm, 8–11:30 pm, and Friday–Sunday, 1–4 pm, 8–12 am.


Although Bar Cañete is a more pricey restaurant, the food and ambiance make up for it. This location is well-liked for a reason. Thanks to the waitstaff, your experience will be as good as possible. They offer a fantastic wine list and fantastic meals to pair with it. The dinner queue could be rather long if you don’t have reservations. It is considered one of the best Spanish restaurants in Barcelona.

Try to attend during lunch if you can’t make it for dinner. Some traditional Spanish meals like gazpacho, suckling pig, and green bean salad are among their most well-liked offerings.

Location: Carrer de la Unió, 17, 08001 Barcelona, Spain.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday, 1- 12 am

Best spanish restaurants in barcelona
Bar Cañete| Best Spanish Restaurants in Barcelona

5. CENA 23

Cena 23 is one of the best Spanish restaurants in Barcelona. Another famous eatery among tourists is Cena 23. You won’t be disappointed by this restaurant’s outstanding food and service! La Rambla, one of Barcelona’s principal thoroughfares, is close to Cena 23. Following that, you can dance at a club or explore the main road because this region has a vibrant nightlife.

When you visit, make sure to sample the volcanic rice and the beef cheeks. It will melt in your lips since the beef cheek is so tender! A black mojito is an excellent choice among their many other delectable beverages. You will frequently see this cocktail in pubs and restaurants across Barcelona.

Location: Carrer de la Cera, 23, 08001 Barcelona, Spain.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7 pm Saturday and Sunday: 1 pm and 3 pm.


One of the best restaurants in Barcelona, this establishment will astound you with its delectable, freshly prepared dishes created with organic ingredients and vegetarian options. Teorica Taverna Gastronomica is a warm, welcoming, and contemporary restaurant where the chefs’ modern touches elevate classic Spanish cuisine to a higher level. Be open to going there, but be sure to make a reservation.

Best spanish restaurants in barcelona
Teorica Taverna Gastronomica| Best Spanish Restaurants in Barcelona


Dona Rosa is one of the best Spanish restaurants in Barcelona. Dona Rosa will make you feel at home regardless of where you are from. Although Barcelona is a very welcoming city, dining at Dona Rosa will be among your heartwarming experiences there—and not just because of the gracious service.

The meal is delicious, and the restaurant is a great, sunny space. The fish burgers should also be considered, but you should try the chicken pita and the ceviche. Enjoy yourself while drinking a cold beer.


A high-end restaurant called Disfrutar provides experimental tasting menus with a focus on seafood from the Mediterranean. It is known as one of the best Spanish restaurants in Barcelona.

A stylish and spacious atmosphere permeates the dining room. Mateu Casanas, Oriol Castro, and Eduard Xatruch, three well-known chefs from Catalonia, worked together to produce imaginative and delectable dishes. The famed El Bulli restaurant, run by Ferran Adria, once employed these exceptional chefs.

Best spanish restaurants in barcelona
Disfrutar| Best Spanish Restaurants in Barcelona


Mont Bar is a classy wine bar and restaurant with elegantly prepared tapas cooked with seasonal ingredients. It is one of the best Spanish restaurants in Barcelona. The menu offers dishes with Catalan influences, including scallop ceviche, artichokes with mussels in green curry, truffled chicken risotto, and fried prawns with kimchi smoky flavor.

The restaurant purchases its organic food from tiny farmers’ markets and nearby orchards owned by the proprietor in the Val d’Aran.


A lesser-known treasure in Barcelona called Berbena is situated above Avenida Diagonal. It is considered one of the best Spanish Restaurants in Barcelona. It offers a distinctive eating experience with mouthwatering baked bread that brings to mind your grandmother’s kitchen, hearty meals like beef stew and Spanish omelets, and locally produced cheese and charcuteries ideal for sharing.

Berbena enjoys selecting intriguing wines that go well with their meals, even if it isn’t a wine bar. Follow them on social media to learn about their most recent findings.


Barcelona’s exclusive Estimar restaurant is well-known for its creative fish dishes and mouthwatering cheesecake. The skilled chef Rafa Zafra displays his culinary prowess in the open kitchen of this hidden gem. The restaurant’s ambiance is classy, making it the ideal setting for their meals’ flawless presentation.

Estimar has developed a reputation as a temple to the best marine goods. It is hidden in a shadowy alley near the Santa Maria del Mar church.

Best spanish restaurants in barcelona
Estimar restaurant| Best Spanish Restaurants in Barcelona


Enoteca Paco Pérez is a cutting-edge eatery serving superb Mediterranean food cooked by famous chef Paco Pérez and is a part of Hotel Arts Barcelona. It is considered one of the best Spanish Restaurants in Barcelona.

With two Michelin stars and a concentration on top-notch regional foods, especially fish and shellfish, the restaurant offers a lively atmosphere for customers to enjoy. The sophisticated area has a light and spacious atmosphere with white and wooden surfaces enhanced by modern light fixtures.


What are the five Spanish dishes?

Almost all social meetings take place over food, and sitting around the table and chatting for hours after a meal has its name: sobremesa. Breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, merienda (an evening snack), tapas, or dinner are just a few of the 5–6 meals the Spanish eat each day.

What’s the average price of a dinner in Barcelona?

Food in Barcelona could be more pricey on average. For instance, a meal can range from 7 to 20 euros, with lunch often less expensive than dinner. Here are some recommendations for excellent places to eat out on a budget if you enjoy dining out but want to save time.

What’s the name of lunch in Spain?

La Comida
It would help if you did not skip the third and most significant of all Spanish meals. The fact that lunch is such a huge deal in Spain has led to many arrests, referring to it as la comida, or “the meal,” as if it were the only meal that qualified as food.

When does breakfast start in Spain?

Breakfast is served in Spain from 8 am to 11 am. Since lunch in Spain is frequently the largest meal of the day, and most locals like to save their appetite for the noon break, it’s crucial to be aware that some people do not even have breakfast here.


Barcelona food is a significant experience. In addition to the fact that it is beautiful, you should pay attention to the local food since you will cherish the memory of the event for a long time. Barcelona is well-known for its excellent restaurants, and some of them have been discussed in this article.



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