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You may wonder why travel blogs are essential for your travel affairs when you know more about the city. But with the best travel blogs, you will not only know about the place you choose to visit but also get to know more details concerning the city, state, or country. 

As an individual looking for the best vacation hot spots for you and your spouse or a trip with your family, you need the help of the best travel blogs. The best travel blogs will help you with things to expect from the state, as well as the restaurants, hotels, and their perks, with tourist centers available in the country.

Looking for the best travel blogs can be quite tiring as there are millions of blogs across the globe. Therefore, in this overview, we will provide you with a list of the best travel blogs.


A travel blog is a platform that provides accurate and relevant information on trips, tourist sites, hotels, airlines, and many more. The best travel blogs will provide you with an insight into what you may find interesting when you visit a particular country.

They also go as far as sharing exciting views of the city and videos. Travel bloggers ensure to write well-detailed content, and provide unique photography and tips that will make you enjoy your trip.

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How do travel blogs work?

Travel blogs operate like digital travelogues, fueled by wanderlust and a desire to share experiences. They delve deeper than social media snippets, offering in-depth destination guides, budgeting tips, and personal stories. Many blogs boast stunning photography, transporting you virtually to exotic locales.

Travel bloggers often specialize in a particular niche, like budget backpacking or luxury travel. They might partner with tourism boards or brands for sponsored content, but the core purpose remains – to inspire and inform readers.

Many bloggers leverage social media like Instagram and Facebook to extend their reach and create a community of fellow travel enthusiasts. So, whether you’re daydreaming about a European adventure or plotting your next backpacking trip, travel blogs can be your trusted companions, offering valuable insights and fueling your wanderlust.


Here are some of the best travel blogs around the world:


Founded by Kia Abdullah and Peter Watson. Atlas and Boots are one of the best travel blogs. The founders of this travel blog, focus on providing readers with beautiful insight into nature. They also write and upload pictures on hiking, driving, diving, tips on a nomad lifestyle, and many other travel tips.

Atlas and Boots is a blog that shares travel trips, as well as provides readers with a view of their major explorers. Peter is an enthusiastic backpacker with remarkable skills in filmmaking and photography, and Kia is an author. Both bloggers have climbed Mt. Elbrus, mount Everest, and the Arctic Circle.

The founders of the Atlas and Boots blog are award-winning travel bloggers and have been invited to remarkable publications such as BBC Travel, The Guardian, Lonely Planet, and many others. You can check out their blog for more beautiful content.

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Best travel blogs
Source: danflyingsolo.com

Founded by Daniel James, Dan Flying Solo is one of the best travel blogs in the world. Daniel is a remarkable photographer and writer. They have featured this blogger in a variety of publications, such as National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, and many others. 

Dan Flying Solo is a blog that covers uncommon but unique places that are best for tourist sites. Also, the founder of the Dan flying solo blog is an ambassador for the lonely planet. Aside from collaborating with the lonely planet, he works with sky scanners. He is, without a doubt, one of the best travel bloggers.

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Founded by Ciara Johnson, Hey Ciara is one of the best travel blogs in the world. Ciara is an enthusiastic writer and a solo traveler. With her beautiful piece of writing, she captures the attention of travelers. She left her job and became a full-time travel blogger. 

Hey, Ciara is a blog that provides readers with an insight into the world’s beautiful nature, lifestyle tips, and many more. She travels around the world, takes pictures, and writes about her travel experiences, as well as providing travelers with practical tips on flights and means of how to get to pay less for tickets.


Founder by Lauren Juliff. Never Ending Footsteps is one of the best travel blogs in the world. This blog is fueled by her passion for traveling to different places. According to her interview, she made her first travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia, after saving up for a long time. 

Never Ending Footsteps is a blog that focuses on all that could go wrong during adventures. 

She ensures that there is always a happy ending to her adventures with funny stories that help to capture the attention of readers. Lauren is an enthusiastic writer that provides readers with helpful and practical tips on how to plan their trips, and also exquisite details on the amount spent during her trips.


Oneika the traveler
Source: Oneikathetraveller.com

Founded by Oneika Raymond. Oneika the Traveller is one of the best travel blogs in the world. This blog covers travel trips, political views, and her life as a female traveler. Oneika the Traveler blog covers the views of Oneika Raymond. She writes about her trips and practical tips you can use during your trips. 

 Oneika Raymond is an award-winning blogger. Aside from her blog, she shares her adventures on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube channel, and others. Also, she ensures her contents bring awareness on issues relating to traveling a black person with visits to over 115 countries.

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Founded by Matthew Kepnes. Nomadic Matt is without a doubt one of the best travel blogs in the world. Matt is also one of the top bloggers and the blog has been one of the top for decades, with 1 million page views each month. 

As a travel blogger, Matt ensures his blog covers everything travel-related. He provides exquisite information on how to travel without spending too much. He is well-known for providing readers with practical tips. Matthew Kepnes is the author of the best-selling book “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day.”

The Nomadic Matt blog has been featured by media outlets such as National Geographic, New York Times, Lonely Planet, and many more. 


Founded by Kiersten Rich. The Blonde Abroad is one of the best travel blogs in the world. There is so much to explore and gain from this blog. The Blonde Abroad provides readers with an insight into traveling. On this blog, you will get to read more on travel trips and guides on how to. As well as photo and video content from her trips. 

Kiersten has traveled to various countries, including Bali, New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and many more. Her blog provides insight into lifestyle tips such as beauty, skincare, health tips, and travel tips. She dedicates her blog to women.

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Founded by Will Hatton. The Broke Backpacker is, without a doubt, one of the best travel blogs. This is a dedicated blog for travelers who are looking for tips that will help them save travel costs. The Broke Backpacker Blog provides readers with budget travel tips and tips on flight costs and how to save money.

It is an ideal blog for budget travelers. Also, this blog shares exquisite details on sensitive matters as well as practical tips that work. If you are on a budget and hope to travel soon, consider visiting this blog.


Best travel blogs
Source: theplanetd.com

Founded by Dave and Deb. Planet D is, without a doubt, one of the top travel blogs. This blog is dedicated to sharing helpful insights and travel tips with readers worldwide. Dave and Deb have visited over 110 countries, and with each trip, they share their views on them, through stunning pictures, videos, and more. 

This blog features unique itineraries, travel guides, and helpful tips for travelers. The blog has over 2.8 million page views per month. If you are a first-time traveler, you will find this blog a lot helpful.


Founded by Brian Kelly. The Points Guy is one of the best travel blogs. This blog focuses on providing readers with reward points on flights, as well as providing helpful tips on credit card points. 

As a travel blogger, Brian ensures readers gain helpful insights into means of how to increase their airline points and tips on how to gain hotel bonuses. It is a budgetary blog for travelers. From reading posts on this blog, you will most likely learn tricks on how to get mouthwatering deals. The Point Guy is a financial and travel blog for all. 


Founded by Derek Earl. Wandering Earl is one of the top best travel blogs. Derek Earl is a wandering backpacker, and he has been on the move for decades. He is a travel blogger who has visited various places. 

Wandering Earl is a blog that covers lots of tourist sites and traps faced during his trips. He provides readers insight into his life as a traveler, how exciting it can be, and the dangers attached. He also provides his readers with helpful tips and advice.

His famous articles include I’m Confused About Life Just Like Everyone Else, Please Don’t Be Afraid to Travel on Your Own, and many more.

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Founded by Kristin. Be My Travel Muse is one of the best travel blogs. The blog is dedicated to solo female travelers to provide them with insights into what they may need for their trips. 

Kristin decided to leave her job in investment banking, to pursue her dream and passion as a travel blogger. She has visited several uncommon places and provided her readers with helpful destination guides. She also provides them with tips on means by which they can avoid and protect themselves from traps. Also, she is an award-winning solo female travel blogger.


Best travel blogs
Source: expertvagabond.com

Founded by Matt Karsten. Expert Vagabond is, without a doubt, one of the best travel blogs. Also, Matt Karsten is one of the best bloggers. He is an enthusiastic travel blogger, and a digital nomad, who shares each of his travel adventures with his readers.

He is an experienced travel photographer, and from his blogs, he offers helpful travel tips as well as guides on how to earn through blogging and steps on how to become a freelance photographer.

Expert Vagabond is an inspirational blog with access to useful information that will make your trips enjoyable. He has visited lots of counties, including hot-spot locations.

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Founded by Jessie. Jessie on a Journey is one of the best travel blogs in the world. Jessie is a digital nomad and a blogger. Her blog is dedicated to women who hope to tour the world. She also shares travel-related content to help readers gain insight into travel-related tips. 

Jessie on a Journey offers visitors access to online courses on the digital nomad lifestyle, travel tips, and many more.


Who is the highest-paid blogger?

Matt Kepnes (Nomadic Matt), Dave & Deb (the planet D), and Derek Earl (wandering earl).

Can travel blogs make money?

Yes! Travel blogs make money through various means such as paid trips, sponsored content, views, and more.

What are the best travel blogs?

They include Nomadic Matt, Atlas And Boots, Dan Flying Solo, Hey Ciara, Never Ending Footsteps, Oneika The Traveller, and many more.


Travel blogs are there to provide you with relevant information on your trip, flight info, best routes, tourist centers, and many more. We hope this overview of the best travel blogs is helpful to your search.


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