18 Amazing Brazil Traditional Food

Iconic brazil traditional foods

Food is a part of life essentials. Brazil is not lacking in offering some of the best foods. Brazil is a country that values people, culture, and traditions irrespective of their country. The country is accommodating, and one of the best aspects of this country is Brazil traditional food.

There are lots of fun activities to engage in as a first-time visitor to the country. While there are countless tourist spots in the country for first-timers, the country also attracts people with its traditional cuisines. 

Brazil is a country of diverse cultures and foods. There are several iconic Brazilian traditional foods you should try eating during your visit to the country. 

In this overview, we will provide you with a list of iconic Brazil traditional foods and why you should try out these foods.

What is Brazil’s national dish?

Feijoada is widely considered Brazil’s national dish. This hearty stew features black beans as the base, simmered with various meats like smoked pork loin, bacon, and sausage. It’s often accompanied by rice, sautéed kale or greens, and orange slices.

The dish reflects the country’s diverse history and culinary influences, combining African, Portuguese, and indigenous Brazilian traditions. So, if you’re looking for a taste of Brazil, be sure to try feijoada!

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What do Brazilians eat in a day?

Brazilians typically enjoy three main meals and snacks throughout the day:

  • Breakfast: Usually a generous spread, often including coffee, milk, bread with jam or cheese, and sometimes fresh fruit.
  • Mid-morning snack: May be sweet or savory, like pastries, and fruits, or savory snacks like “salgados” (fried or baked pastries filled with various ingredients).
  • Lunch (“Almoço”): The largest and most important meal, traditionally enjoyed with colleagues or family. It often consists of rice, beans, protein (meat, fish, chicken), salad, and sometimes fries or vegetables.
  • Afternoon snack: Often fruits, smoothies, or small sandwiches.
  • Dinner: Usually lighter than lunch, featuring similar components but in smaller portions.

It’s important to note that regional variations exist, and this is a general overview. For instance, some areas might have heavier breakfasts or earlier dinners.


Here is a list of some of the most iconic Brazil traditional food:


Caruru is one of Brazil traditional food. This traditional dish can be said to have originated in Africa. However, it is one of the most iconic traditional foods in Brazil. Caruru is prepared with dried shrimp, okra, toasted nuts, and onions. They often cooked it in red palm oil or dendê.

Caruru is not only Brazil traditional food, but it is also a significant food for special occasions such as the feast day of Saints Cosmas and Damian. It is often served with Acarajé. Caruru is a major food with much importance in Brazil.


Brazil traditional food
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Camarão na Moranga is one of the most iconic Brazil traditional food. This delicious food is a creamy shrimp stew that can be eaten with grated potatoes or white rice. You can also serve this stew with any meal of your choice. 

Camarão na Moranga is an English meaning of shrimp in pumpkin. The food is said to have originated from a prison in Bertioga, closer to the coast of São Paolo. The preparation for this creamy meal is straightforward and very delicious.

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Moqueca is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic Brazil traditional food. It is a seafood stew. This food is a well-prepared meal made in a clay pot, popularly known as Panelo de Barro. 

However, Moqueca can be in two famous ways. The first is moqueca baiana. Preparing this version requires bell pepper, palm oil, and coconut milk.

In case you wish to cook this stew yourself; it is crucial to note that moqueca is a slow-cooked meal. You can make moqueca Capixaba with shrimp or fish and spices such as coriander, onions, tomatoes, lime juice, and olive oil.


Brigadeiro is one of the most iconic Brazil traditional desserts made with condensed milk, Butter, Cocoa powder, and chocolate sprinkles. Brigadeiro is not only Brazil’s traditional dessert but also a significant food for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays or others. 

Brigadeiro was named after a political figure in the 1940s Brigadier Eduardo Gomes, and has been popular since World War II. it is a delicious chocolate dessert and one of the most iconic Brazil traditional foods. 


Baiao de Dois is a traditional Brazilian beans and rice dish that originated from the Brazilian state of Ceara and is popular throughout the USA. It is well-cooked with other ingredients, like pepper, sausage, onions, bacon, tomatoes, and spices. 

Baiao de Dois exists in many versions based on each country’s style. The Brazilian version is based on first cooking the rice and beans separately, then mixing them with other ingredients. Baiao de Dois is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic Brazil traditional foods.


Pastel is a typical Brazilian street food similar to a deep-fried empanada but with a thinner dough. This Brazilian food is usually curved or rectangle-shaped thin-crust pies with various fillings like ground beef, chicken cheese, shrimp, and heart of palm.

Pastel is one of the best traditional foods in Brazil. It is often served with salsa vinaigrette. You can easily buy them on the street in Brazil. Pastel is a fried pastry with fillings. And, with this pastry, you will get to decide on your choice of filling. You can opt for famous fillings such as shrimp, cheese, meat, sausage, and more.

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Brazil traditional food
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Vatapa is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic Brazil traditional foods. It is a rich, thick stew originally from Africa, popular in Bahia, and spread throughout Brazil.

Vatapa is made of bread, coconut milk, shrimp, ground peanuts, palm oil, and peppers. Ingredients are well-mashed into a thick and creamy texture. You can eat it with shrimp and serve it with Acaraje or rice. You can replace the shrimp with cod, chicken, or tuna.

Vatapa is an Afro-Brazilian dish and typical food of Bahia, Salvador, and the North & Northeast regions of Brazil. It is also popular in Pará, Amapá, and Amazonas. 


Tapioca is a common snack in Brazil made from starch extracted from cassava root. It is made with only three ingredients: Tapioca flour, salt, and fresh coconut, and you can top it with cheese, coconut, butter, condensed milk, and chocolate.

Tapioca is one of the top Brazil traditional foods. You can easily make this delicious meal from home. All you need to do is mix the tapioca flour with water till it forms a dough. Then set it on the pan on a high heat. You can top it with any flavor of your choice. Tapioca is not only in Brazil but in Venezuela, Latin America, Africa, Belize, Cuba, and many more.

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Feijoada is, without a doubt, one of the most consumed Brazilian traditional food. They served this traditional food on days like Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. It is eaten in every corner of Brazil. Feijoada is a Portuguese word, meaning BEAN. 

However, it is a Brazilian traditional food usually prepared with beans, pork, onions, garlic, beef, and other spices.

Feijoada is a Brazilian hearty stew made with black beans, pork, and beef.  You can eat it with rice, kale, and slices of orange. There are many recipes for feijoada. They prepared some with carrots, sun-dried beef, plantains, potatoes, and many more. You can eat Feijoada with farofa, rice, orange, and collard greens. 


Brazil traditional food
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Canjica is a widely consumed type of Brazilian porridge made with white corn. It is usually cooked with milk which makes it resemble a pudding.

The Brazilians also spice it with grated coconut, sugar, condensed milk, or cinnamon and serve it with peanuts. This sweet dish is associated with the Brazilian winter festival “Festa Junina” an annual Brazil festival celebrated throughout June. During these festivals, Canjica is always served at many food stands.

In the north of Brazil, it is usually called Mugunza, and in the Southeast of Brazil, it is called Canjica. They made it with the same ingredients but with different cooking methods.


Acaraje is worth mentioning in this list. It is one of the most popular foods in Brazil and in some African countries. Acaraje is made from black-eyed peas and deep-fried in palm oil. When fried, they are split in half and stuffed with various ingredients such as onions, shrimp, fish, and Caruru.

Acaraje is one of the most iconic Brazil traditional foods. You can eat it with Vatapa and rice. It is well-known for its several fillings.


Pacoquinha is one of Brazil’s most loved candies. Pacoquinha is from ground peanut, corn flour, sugar, and salt. 

The name Pacoquinha comes from the indigenous Tupi word Posok, which means to crumble or to smash. Its preparation comprises blending all the ingredients in a food processor, adding condemned milk to the mixture, putting the mixture into a pan lined with wax paper, cutting pieces out of the candy, and making shapes out of it.

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Cocoda is a popular street food sold in every corner of Brazil, it is a type of candy made from grated coconut, it exists in many variations throughout the country but the most common recipe uses grated coconut, sugar, water, condensed milk, and, vanilla extract.


Pato no Tucupi is a widely consumed Brazilian duck meat originally from the north Brazil state of Para and is associated with cirio de Nazare. 

Cirio de Nazare is a religious festival that takes place once a year in the city of Belem. The dish comprises a duck in Tucupi sauce.

The duck is well-cooked in Tucupi sauce, a yellow sauce extracted from the root of manioc. However, the raw juice is poisonous, which is why it is well-boiled for four to five days.

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Bobo de Camarao is a typical Brazilian traditional dish that originated from the Bahia region of Brazil. 

The main ingredients of this dish are shrimp, palm oil, coconut milk, and a puree of manioc. However, additional ingredients can be in it. You can eat it with vegetables, seafood, and rice.


Couscous is another traditional dish from the northeast region of Brazil. Couscous is made with cornflour, salt, coconut milk, and manioc starch. The couscous mixture is well-molded into a cake-like shape.

Couscous was not originally from Brazil, it is a traditional dish of Berbers. The invention of couscous is widely credited to an ethnic group in North Africa. Portuguese colonizers brought the dish to Brazil.

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Brazil traditional food
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Bolo de Rolo is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic Brazilian traditional food. It is a Brazilian dessert that originated in the state of Pernambuco.

Bolo de Rolo is a dough made with flour, eggs, butter, and guava. The south is wrapped with thin layers of lightly baked sponge cake and guava jam; it gives the appearance of a Swiss roll or jelly roll cake.

However, Bolo de Rolo has many layers made up of thin sheets of cake roll, with various fruit fillings, and it is sprinkled on top with granulated sugar.


Bolinho de Bacalhau is a traditional Portuguese dish that became a staple in Brazilian cuisine. It is from a mixture of potatoes, codfish, eggs, and parsley.

They have the shape of balls and are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It is a popular snack in Brazil and a classic main dish served with vegetables and rice. It is one of the most iconic Brazil traditional foods.


What is the top traditional Brazilian food?

Some of the top traditional Brazilian food include Moqueca, Feijoada, Vatapa, Tapioca, Baioa de Dois, and Pastel.

What are the most popular foods in Brazil?

Some of the most popular foods in Brazil include Feijoada, Tapioca, Baioa de Dois, Pastel, and many more.

What does Brazil eat for breakfast?

Foods such as tapioca, Acaraje, and others, are good choices for breakfast in Brazil.

What does Brazil eat for dinner?

They include Moqueca, Feijoada, Vatapa and more.


Brazil is a country known for its varieties of culture and rich foods to delight your taste buds. If you are visiting Brazil for the first time, you can check out some of the Brazilian traditional foods listed in this article. We hope this article is helpful to your search.


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