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Taking a break as a vacation together as a family is a crucial thing to consider. It is important to take a break from your daily activities and visit new places that will help create beautiful and lasting memories for both you and your kids. However, to plan for a family trip, you may have to read articles from family travel blogs.

Every family is different and has the things they want to accomplish during a trip, so finding the perfect family travel blogs to help you with tips, guides, and suitable recommendations about hotels, restaurants, and tourist sites is an important first step before going on your family trip.

We’ve put together 17 amazing and inspiring family travel blogs that will not only provide you with travel destinations but will also provide a perfect recommendation list of road trip destinations for family travel, beaches, and vacation centers.

Are travel blogs still a thing?

Travel blogs are still a thriving corner of the internet! Think of them as digital journals with wanderlust at their core. While social media platforms like Instagram offer quick travel snippets, travel blogs delve deeper.

They provide in-depth guides, budgeting tips, personal anecdotes, and stunning photography, all designed to inspire and inform your next adventure.

Travel blogs haven’t become obsolete; they’ve evolved. Many bloggers now incorporate captivating videos and utilize social media to reach a wider audience. The best blogs offer a unique voice and perspective, allowing you to connect with the author’s passion for a particular destination or travel style.

So, whether you’re backpacking Southeast Asia or planning a luxury European getaway, there’s a travel blog out there waiting to fuel your wanderlust and help you craft the perfect itinerary.


Here is a list of some of the best family travel blogs you can read from:


Travel Mamas is a well-known blog that covers all things family travel related, and it is one of the best family travel blogs. The blog helps parents connect with their kids and the world through travel by providing them with ideas to plan their next vacation.

Besides the vacation ideas, there are plenty of guides to help parents plan a fun trip with their kids, some of which include cruise resources, hotel reviews, and destination information from around the world.

Travel Mamas features tips for road trips, theme parks, romantic getaways, and tips on how to travel with babies and toddlers. You can check out the Travel Mamas blog for more helpful guides.

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Family travel blogs
Source: kidsonaplane.com

Kids on a Plane are, without a doubt, one of the family travel blogs. It is dedicated to family vacations and taking kids on their first plane ride. Within this blog, you will find travel tips that are designed based on the age of your children to help parents’ next adventure with kids less stressful.

Kids on a Plane features helpful travel tips, product recommendations, and planning advice. With travel reviews, accommodations, theme parks, restaurants, attractions, and Disney travel tips.

It is an all-in-one package for parents who wish to learn more about how to provide their kids with lasting, beautiful memories. You can check this blog for more ideas and tips for your next trip with your young ones.

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Wanderlust Storytellers is, without a doubt, one of the best family travel blogs. It is a full-time family travel blog that focuses entirely on family travel destinations, family holidays, adventures, and tips on how to travel with kids.

Wanderlust storytellers show the adventures of Jolene and Andrzej and their daughters as they travel around the world. They have been to several countries and four continents (Australia, Asia, North America, and Europe). 

The Wanderlust Storytellers blog shares a guide and tips on some of the best family locations you can visit with your family and activities you can engage in, accommodations, and the best foods around the location. You can visit this blog for more ideas.


Family vacation critic is one of the best family travel blogs. It is dedicated to family-friendly vacations with kids. In this blog, you will find travel tips for families, packing lists, guides, and ideas for destinations, resorts, and kid-friendly destinations. 

With the family vacation critic, you will have access to recommendations for activities, entertainment, restaurants, and themed parties. You can check this blog for more ideas and tips for your next trip with your family.


This adventure family is one of the travel blogs. It is focused entirely on family road trips, full-time family travel, homeschooling, RV life, and the beauty of traveling cross country with your family.

The blog is about Ryan, Natalia, and their two sons, Benjamin and Jack, as they explore the world chasing everyday adventure and enjoying all the little things. This adventure family takes road trips to another level as they share insight into how you can plan for a road trip without affecting your child’s education. They share helpful guides and tips for traveling as a family for a road trip.

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Family travel blogs
Source: funemployedfamily.com

The Funemployed Family is, without a doubt, one of the best family travel blogs. It is a travel blog filled with exciting travel guides for families. It is owned and run by Ben, Kelly, Liesel, and Mason. Ben and Kelly left their corporate jobs and sold their house to reset their lives, focus on what’s most important, spend more time together as a family, and experience the world.

And now as a digital nomad family, The family has been to over 30 countries and countless beaches, and from their experience they provide travel tips, family-friendly destinations, Hotel recommendations, tips for traveling with kids, and products helpful for a traveling lifestyle.


Baby can travel is another inspiring family travel blog you can’t afford to miss. The blog is about a family of four from Western Canada, who share their travel experience with a baby. This blog is owned by Dan and Celine Brewer and their baby.

The blog provides content for everything baby-travel related. Including answers to many questions parents ask when planning to travel with babies, and it features travel tips, destinations, accommodations reviews, and more.

They share their experiences as a family and how you can travel with your baby. This blog provides healthy tips for families. If you have a baby you want to travel with, you can check out this blog for more practical tips.


Trips with Tykes is, without a doubt, one of the best family travel blogs. It is a travel blog that can inspire even the laziest and most reluctant families to get out and experience fun moments with their babies or toddlers. 

Trips with Tykes is a blog that provides helpful information to parents on everything to do when traveling with kids – from tips on hiking with toddlers to adventure park destinations and packing lists. You can check out this blog for more piratical tips for planning your family trips.

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Trekaroo is one of the best family travel blogs. It is all about family adventures across the globe. The site will inspire you to go out and explore the world with your kids – providing you with tips for many itineraries for places you want to visit. 

In every destination covered, you will find suggestions on the best family-friendly destinations, accommodations, attractions, restaurants, and activities to do. Check out this blog for inspirational tips on your next trip.


Family travel blogs
Source: thriftyfamilytravels.com

Have you ever looked at family-friendly destinations on Instagram and been worried about the budget? Don’t let your budget stop you from having fun and going on adventures. Thrifty family travels is there to help. And yes, it is one of the best family travel blogs. 

The blog focuses on low-budget family travels, and shows families how to spend wisely when traveling, when to splurge a bit, and when to save money. Check out this blog for more ideas on how to stay on a budget and save costs on food, accommodation, transportation, and many more.

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Want to set off on an ideal adventure with your family to Asia? The backpacking family is a perfect site for that. It is one of the best family travel blogs.

 The blog focuses entirely on improving the travel experience of families in Asia, mainly Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. 

There are plenty of guides on things to do, places to see, and getaway locations in this blog. Also, it focuses on providing readers with travel guides, accommodation reviews, itineraries, and many more.


Kids are a Trip is a family-based travel blog about Kristen, a Mom to three boys who loves traveling and exploring the world to seek out the beauties of life and to provide one of the most incredible and self-experienced blogs dedicated to traveling with kids in their early or mid-teens.

The blog encourages families to explore and also provides the top suggestions for families with kids (babies or teenagers), tips for what to do, what you need, and must-see sites. 

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No Back Home is, without a doubt, one of the best family travel blogs. It is a blog about Karilyn, who is a single mother and her son exploring the world looking for adventure and nature, seeking amazing national parks, and learning new cultures.

Here, you can find guides to any destinations you want in California and throughout the world. Check out this blog for more ideas on adventurous activities for your family.


The traveling child focuses on providing detailed and inspiring information about destinations, as well as helping family travel tips and advice to help families get outside of their comfort zone and explore to seek out the world’s beauty wherever they go. 

The traveling child is one of the best family travel blogs. This blog is about Monet, James, Jordyn, and Kennedy. 

The Hambrick family, as they explore the world, provides information on family-friendly destinations, getaways, and tips on keeping kids busy and educated at home.


Our family passport is, without a doubt, one of the best travel blogs. One thing every parent needs to know is that traveling with your family can strengthen relationships, improve worldview and increase understanding and this blog exists to prove that to you.

Our family passport helps families grow together through travel. The blog focuses on providing guides for traveling to Canada and other European, USA, and African countries. Check out this blog for more ideas and guides.


Family travel blogs
Source: hangrybynature.com

The title of this site says it all. Hangry by Nature is a blog filled with inspiring and impressive family travel content. You can find information on anything you need in this blog from family-friendly destinations to travel tips and travel questions & answers.

You can also find family-friendly resorts, virtual zoo tours, and aquariums from around the world in the blog.

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Rodrigo and Jessica are a couple who love to travel the world with their two young kids. Their content helps traveling parents learn all the essential things they need to know when planning a trip with their kids. Their posts are valid and based on their own experience.

Their blog also contains podcasts that comprise travel tips, ways to make travel more enjoyable, recaps of their adventures, tips for traveling with kids, and must-visit places for families. Aside from their website, you can visit their Instagram page (@thejetsettingfamily), where they post stories about their lives, and share their experiences on places they have visited.


How does a family travel blogger make money through blogging?

Yes! Travel bloggers make money through various means, such as paid trips, sponsored content, views, and more.

What are the best family travel blogs?

They include Travel Mamas, Kids On A Plane, Wanderlust Storytellers, Family Vacation Critic, and many more.


Traveling as a family has become a lot easier and better. When you run low on ideas for your trips and tours, you can check family travel blogs for more creative ideas and means that can help you save costs. We hope this overview is helpful for your search


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