16 Best Travel Agency in Egypt

16 best travel agency in egypt

With the good infrastructure for the main tourist destinations, Egypt is incredibly affordable to travel alone. Just be careful, study what to expect to pay, and read reviews before making any reservations.

Travel agents come in handy if you’re arranging an elaborate or expensive trip, a honeymoon, or a trip for a large group. Check out the best travel agency in Egypt in this article.

Why People Say You Should Not Visit Egypt

16 best travel agency in egypt

We cannot say that Egypt is not a safe place to visit. However, there are certain reasons why you should not visit Egypt. The reasons are highlighted below:

  • Everywhere you turn in the metropolis, hustlers will bother you. They will persistently pester you to purchase things if you even look their way.
  • Egypt needs better gridlock. There is a complete disregard for all traffic laws and an atmosphere of chaos on every thoroughfare. The air quality is also poor. Due to pollution and constant cigarette smoking, there are smog clouds all over the metropolis.
  • It isn’t very pleasant to travel. Traveling between various parts of Egypt can be stressful because you will be stopped at every checkpoint. Just make sure always to have your visa with you. But one of the simplest ways to get from Luxor to Cairo is by day train.
  • For admission passes, taxi rides, and souvenirs, foreigners typically pay more, if not twice as much.
  • Eating street food always carries an additional danger because it’s possible to become ill from contaminated food or water.
  • In Egypt, gratuity is an obsession. You are supposed to leave a tip for practically everything, including having your bags loaded into the car, receiving room service, holding a door open, etc.

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When is the Time to Visit Egypt?

Egypt is accessible year-round to tourists. However, winter, from October to April, is the ideal season to travel to Egypt because of the cooler weather.

January and December are the busiest months for tourists. Prepare ahead because Egypt’s tourism is booming at this time of the year. If you want to visit Egypt without the crowds, the best months are March, April, and September.

It’s ideal for enjoying water sports like swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling during the daytime because the weather can be quite pleasant.

16 Best Travel Agency in Egypt

1. Triptanzä

Triptanzä is one of the best travel agencies in Egypt committed to providing its customers with the finest technology to make travel simpler and more affordable. Customers can explore a system online that offers a variety of locations to visit. In addition, they have a wide selection of incredible and reasonable package deals, reserved as soon as they are available.

Triptanzä is available around the clock, and there is never a booking charge for lodging, transportation, or air travel made using their website. Additionally, they offer lodging and excursions as part of different packages.

This travel service is ideal for those eager to jet off and explore the world. Their effective use of the Internet is just one example of how they are constantly looking for the best ways to meet people’s needs when it comes to travel.

2. Travista

Travista is another travel agency in Egypt that you can consider. About classic favorites like Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome, and London, Travista has some excellent offers and vacation packages.

However, Travista is suitable for foreign and domestic travel because it offers tours and vacations in Egypt.

Travista rivals hundreds of other travel agencies that offer incredibly identical package holidays, so customer service, organization, pricing, and the selection of hotels and flights are the primary determining factors.

We found that Travista received high scores for each criterion after carefully reviewing all the results.

3. Trippin’

Trippin’ is a travel agency in Egypt that lives up to its symbol by being exciting and daring. They were established in 2014 and offered a variety of unforgettable vacations to some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

On their Facebook page, Trippin’ typically posts information about forthcoming trips, including the destination, dates, and costs. Trippin’s has something for everyone, whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a beach bum, a nature lover, or just looking for a fun excursion with your closest pals.

Trippin’s packages include all the planning, lodging, transfers, excursions, and activities. A network of youthful travel professionals attends to every detail at each location.

4. Holiday Tours

Holiday Tours is a thriving and well-known travel company that offers top-notch travel services and goods. It was founded in 1973. The business introduced the wildly popular Weekend Trips in 2009 for those seeking a quick weekend getaway.

This unusual tour company asserts to have been the first to hike in Indonesia’s Rinjani National Park. In addition, they enjoy coming up with innovative ideas for their clients, such as Cairo to Beirut road trips, extreme activities, and outings for group and team bonding.

Holiday Tours’ employees are very gifted at coming up with fresh, exciting, and reasonably priced travel options for you.

5. Destination 31

16 best travel agency in egypt
Destination 31

In 2009, two pals who loved adventure travel and wanted to promote it throughout Egypt and beyond founded Destination 31.

The travel agency’s name is influenced by the Nile Delta’s geographic coordinates: 31°00’00”. Their specialties are ecotourism and risky sports, and they are passionate about showing Egyptians the world’s wonders.

Their excursions center around three main things: cultural encounters, breathtaking scenery, and exploits.

6. Egypt Travel Choice

In Egypt, they are now known as Travel Choice after going by the name Thomas Cook since 1869. They have the nation’s biggest network of travel and currency exchange offices.

Travel Choice is satisfying the requirements of its customers in Egypt and abroad by providing exceptional services while upholding the quality of its goods and services.

To keep up with the ever-changing needs and desires of the people, they are continuously changing their offers, packages, information, and technology.

Travel Choice provides incentive, business, and leisure travel packages throughout Egypt. Even better, you can create your schedule and travel plans and it has proven to be a good travel agency in Egypt.

7. Honeymoon Tailors

Given that we are evaluating the top tour operators and travel companies, this trip should be noticed, particularly by couples. A “spin-off” from the standard travel service, Honeymoon Tailors prides itself on creating individualized romantic getaways and vacations.

This business doesn’t offer packages for you to browse through; instead, the staff calls you for a chat and talks about your preferences, budget, and dates. Then, presto! Your ideal vacation is prepared.

8. Wild Guanabana

An award-winning travel company called Wild Guanabana, named after a fruit, is an expert at planning genuine, moral, and secure adventures for you around the globe.

Omar Samra established it as the first Egyptian to summit Everest and offers a wide range of adventure excursions at low-cost rates, including meals and lodging. This travel agency in Egypt is founded on “exploring and discovering,” and has traveled to places like Kenya, Cambodia, Turkey, Peru, Jordan, and even Antarctica.

The journeys can be tailored to the individual’s needs and include more than 15 nations on six continents.

9. Travco Holidays

Good travel agency in egypt
Travco Holidays

Since 1979, Travco Holidays, a division of Travco Group, has enjoyed a solid reputation among travel agencies. For both private and corporate clients, they offer tours and travel services.

Travco Holidays, which has a team of knowledgeable and welcoming employees, provides custom travel packages for both local and international travelers. Their goal is to help clients by utilizing the newest, most efficient technology.

They work hard to help with hotel reservations, tickets, visa, and passport assistance and offer travel insurance, reservations, booking tours, and transportation anywhere in the world. They should be pleased with that.

10. Gazef

The friendly people at Gazef don’t believe in ‘aimless traveling. You are challenged by the four friends who established this unique travel agency to step outside your comfort zone and see the world. It is a travel agency in Egypt that you will enjoy doing business with.

They adhere to the “life is too short” maxim. Therefore, every person who decides to travel with Gazef will find an adventure to fit them.

11. Cairo Tour Agency

One of the most important family-owned companies in the world and an example to countless others is the family-run Cairo Tour Company. This travel agency in Egypt is liable for providing more than 230 outstanding vacation opportunities in places like Egypt.

Our business takes pleasure in providing insider experiences that allow visitors to take part in real interactions and get real cultural insights from knowledgeable locals.

12. Egypt Tour Company

The main goal of this travel agency in Egypt is to make your journey unforgettable without going overboard with the budget.

The company has made every effort to incorporate all of these components into our tours, whether they are too exotic locations like Egypt, Dubai, or Turkey or too sunny beaches and azure waters in Greece, Spain, or the Croatian Islands because we are avid travelers ourselves. So you can locate your perfect vacation.

13. Abercrombie and Kent 

Abercrombie & Kent is Egypt’s leading luxury travel agency in Egypt, providing first-rate service and the best accommodations on well-planned, small-group Egypt vacations with knowledgeable guides and every convenience imaginable. Of course, at these prices, that is to be anticipated, but A&K is known for delivering in a place that can be challenging for even the top Egypt tour operators.

You frequently interact with employees rather than independent contractors because A&K maintains its operations in Egypt, which results in more dependable service.

14. Overseas Adventure Travel

OAT has been organizing excursions to Egypt for many years. It is one of the most well-known small-group travel agencies in Egypt. The company is also famous as tour operators that cater to travelers aged 50 and over (and is particularly well-liked by lone travelers). The business has been operating nationwide for a while and hires competent tour operators.

You visit places on and off the beaten route because these trips are typically longer.

Every trip includes a home-hosted meal and, more often than not, a visit to a school or other group backed by the tour operator’s charitable foundation to bridge the gap between tourists and locals.

15. Extraordinary Journeys

Extraordinary Journeys has recently established itself as a well-liked Egypt tour provider by providing an abundant Egypt vacation plan for tourists who like to be affluent and daring. Its Pharaohs & Pyramids itinerary includes excursions to Egypt’s top sights, such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Temple of Karnak, led by Egyptologists, but with the additional benefit of five-star accommodations and knowledgeable tour guides.

16. Kensington Tours

An award-winning Egypt tour operator, Kensington Tours, provides opulent trips to Egypt that, among other things, feature private drivers and guides (a plus if you want to avoid being carried around with a large tour group) and customizable itineraries. It is one of the best travel agencies in Egypt that you will enjoy doing business with.

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Is traveling to Egypt costly?

Yes, traveling to Egypt can be expensive. In Cairo, for instance, your everyday costs differ from those in a city along the Red Sea. Along with the method of transportation, the price of the hotels and restaurants is a consideration when calculating expenses. A few similarities between Egyptian cities and various other nations; The ensuing inquiries will provide additional information and typical spending limits.

What should you wear if you’re in Egypt?

There is no set clothing code that Egyptians or visitors must follow. The key is to strike a balance because Egyptians are well-groomed and frequently have traditional outlooks. For example, to prevent feeling out of place, cover your shoulders and thighs. On the other hand, it is very polite to enter churches wearing modest clothing, perhaps with a light scarf.

Is it always cold at night in Egypt?

Yes, Egypt does get cold at night, particularly in arid areas. In the winter, the evenings are generally colder than the mornings. Egypt has a dry climate with little precipitation and lots of sunlight. Many nations located in the eastern Sahara have a desert environment. Generally speaking, winters are moderate, but lows of 10 °C (32 °F) are not unheard of.


The best travel agency in Egypt has been well discussed in this article. If you’re looking towards traveling, consider any listed in the article.



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