Best Places To Travel With Toddlers

Best places to travel with toddlers
Best Places to Travel with Toddlers

Going at their pace is essential for kid-friendly vacations. A trip with toddlers can teach us to slow down, smell the roses, and value the simple things in life if there is one lesson we can learn from it. It’s acceptable if the trip to the aquarium or zoo could be more fulfilling sometimes.

Flexibility is beneficial. Be prepared to change course if a planned activity needs help. When on vacation with a toddler, ready for (or, even better, welcome) the unexpected.

Read on and check out the best places to travel with toddlers today!

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Greece is known to be one of the best places to travel with toddlers and it is perfect for a family vacation, especially if you are taking children. You won’t have to worry about your toddlers making noise because Greeks adore children.

Greece is a welcoming country where breastfeeding is simple and unrestricted. Greeks are okay with you changing your baby’s nappy in public even though there aren’t many changing rooms for babies.

Almost any restaurant will serve food ideal for children, such as grilled meat and vegetables, and Greek cuisine is particularly kid-friendly. Corfu and Naxos are excellent places to visit with toddlers in Greece.

These islands are stroller-friendly and have many kid-friendly activities, such as a water park, pirate ship tour in Corfu, and long, sandy beaches in Naxos.

You can easily find all the toddler items in supermarkets, including food, diapers, and formula. Furthermore, if you request a cot in advance, most hotels will provide one.

Best places to travel with toddlers
Greece| Best Places to Travel with Toddlers


Italy is a beautiful place to take a family vacation and is among Europe’s most kid-friendly vacation spots. It is considered one of the best places to travel with toddlers. Italy is the ideal vacation spot because of the people, the numerous cities and villages, and the things to see and do there.

The numerous cities of Tuscany are the best if visiting Italian cities is on your plan. At Florence, you can bike around the Lucca city walls, picnic, or stroll through Boboli Gardens before riding the vintage carousel at Piazza Della Repubblica.

Visit Taormina’s Greek Theatre, one of the city’s most well-known attractions, in Sicily. The tier-style seating will be a favorite place for your youngster to climb. Take the cable car up to Mount Etna for a thrilling journey, and then enjoy the area’s breathtaking views. 

You will be in a safe place when you need to acquire supplies and necessities for your toddler. We advise bringing a pram if you want to explore the many beautiful Italian cities and towns on foot.

Most cafés and restaurants have high chairs for your toddler to use when dining out, and they are also accommodating if your child has special dietary needs or requests, such as a plain bowl of pasta.


Austria is considered one of the best places to travel with toddlers. Apart from having the oldest amusement park in the world, walking salt mines, the largest ice caverns in the world, and dinosaur parks, it is more well-known for its mountain communities, baroque architecture, rich history, and rocky alpine scenery.

Austria is a fantastic family holiday location since there are so many intriguing things to do and exciting sites to see. The world’s oldest amusement park, Prater, is located in Vienna. The numerous roller coasters offered here are enjoyable for both young and old.

Bring the kids to Schönbrunn Palace to enjoy the attractions, including a maze and a sizable zoo. All stores in Austria sell supplies, so you can get what you need if you run out of diapers, wipes, or even food. The Austrians are very hospitable; most restaurants have children’s menus and high chairs available if necessary.

Best places to travel with toddlers
Austria| Best Places to Travel with Toddlers


Germany is one of the best places to travel with toddlers. All around the nation, there are facilities for families with young children. It is never a problem to breastfeed in public because it is customary and part of the culture.  

It is simple to recommend any city in Germany as a toddler-friendly place because there are toddler-friendly venues everywhere in Germany.

There are several playgrounds spread out all over the place. Gardens are everywhere, in little communities and the heart of big cities. There are many parks and open spaces for picnics and recreation. 

Due to its proximity to the Rhine River, Wiesbaden is a fantastic place to visit with kids. Biebrich Castle on the Rhine contains hundreds of acres of green space, and several parks and walking paths along the river have playgrounds.

Another fantastic city for families with children is Stuttgart, near Germany’s giant indoor playground.

In addition to BabyOne, you may find toddler goods at almost any large chain grocery store, including Rewe, Edeka, and Globus.

Babyone is a larger children’s store offering everything from strollers, car seats, and bathtubs to baby necessities. Grocery stores are your most excellent option for diapers and baby formula.

Best places to travel with toddlers
Germany| Best Places to Travel with Toddlers


Vietnam, located on the Indochinese peninsula, is a great destination for families traveling with young children who enjoy learning about history and participating in outdoor activities. It is known to be one of the best places to travel with toddlers. Toddlers can enjoy canoe excursions, discover little Vietnamese towns, learn about the battles in Vietnam, and play on the beaches in the family-friendly Mekong Delta.

Children will also like visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels since they can crawl through the tunnels like the troops did during the Vietnam War. You may go kayaking, on banana boat excursions, and enjoy the brilliant pink bougainvillea blossoms in Hoi An.


Costa Rica is one of the Central American countries and also one of the best places to travel with toddlers. Many families choose Costa Rica for their foreign vacation because of its beaches, national parks, and exciting sports like horseback riding, mountain biking, and ATVing. The kids would enjoy visiting famous sites like the Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna Waterfall.

Toddlers who enjoy seeing animals will find Ponderosa Adventure Park a treasure. In contrast, kids who enjoy seeing marine life will find Parque Marino Del Pacifico an excellent option.


England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are all constituent parts of the United Kingdom. The UK is the finest place to go on vacation; toddlers would particularly appreciate seeing places like Edinburgh Castle, the National History Museum, and Hyde Park, to mention a few.

A 360-degree view of London will eventually be available from the Millennium Wheel, commonly known as the London Eye, on the South Bank of the River Thames. Families must visit Alton Towers, a sizable amusement park with various attractions and roller coasters suitable for all ages.

Best places to travel with toddlers
United Kingdom| Best Places to Travel with Toddlers


Iceland is one of the best places to travel with toddlers during a family’s gap year. Iceland has much to offer a family with a toddler, especially if you prefer spending time outdoors with your child. It has stunning natural beauty, from waterfalls to black sand beaches. In Iceland, we discovered many beautiful walks were family-friendly and had something for everyone. 

Iceland is great for families with young children because there is plenty of room for them to run around and play, but it is essential to follow safety precautions at all natural attractions.


Morocco would undoubtedly be among the most incredible destinations to go with a baby or toddler for the slightly more daring parents among you. Morocco allows you to cross off a new continent without the long travel or dosage of jet lag because it is far enough away to feel wonderfully foreign yet only 3 hours away by plane.

We’ve traveled to Morocco several times and seen many infants and young children among the tourists, giving us the idea to bring our toddlers here someday.

Best places to travel with toddlers
Morocco| Best Places to Travel with Toddlers


Along with Gozo, Malta is one of the magnificent islands that make up the Maltese Archipelago.

This is one of the best places to travel with toddlers because of the lovely Mediterranean coastline, villages, historical sites, and breathtaking natural beauties that make up this beautiful region.

Popeye Village is the best location to take a toddler in Malta. Originally constructed for the Popeye Musical, it is now a theme park with inflatable attractions, boat rides, and tiny snack stands.

With spending a day in Valletta, the country’s capital, a trip to Malta is complete. There is a tonne to see and do, including museums, magnificent palaces, and even churches, all of which are worthwhile excursions.


Traveling with toddlers is perfect because it helps develop their intellectual skills. There are many best places to travel with toddlers. There’s no denying that exposing toddlers to new experiences, whether traveling or reading a book at home, is healthy for them. Less screen time is a given when you travel with toddlers because you are exploring new places and breaking from your routine.


The best type of trip with a toddler is one that prioritizes comfort, flexibility, and activities suitable for their age and energy levels. A family-friendly beach vacation can be ideal, as toddlers often enjoy playing in the sand and shallow waters while parents can relax nearby.

Similarly, a trip to a kid-friendly resort or theme park provides ample opportunities for entertainment and excitement tailored to young children. Nature-based trips, such as camping in a family-friendly campground or visiting a national park with easy hiking trails, can also be enjoyable for toddlers, allowing them to explore and experience the outdoors.

The key is to plan a trip that allows for plenty of breaks, naps, and play opportunities, ensuring a fun and memorable experience for both toddlers and their parents.

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Singapore is widely regarded as one of the safest countries to travel with kids. With a Level 1 caution from the United States government (exercise normal precautions), Singapore boasts low crime rates, a stable political climate, and a family-friendly environment.

The city-state is known for its cleanliness, efficient public transportation, and strict laws that contribute to a safe and secure atmosphere for families. Moreover, Singapore offers a wide range of family-friendly attractions, such as Sentosa Island with its beaches and theme parks, Gardens by the Bay, and the Singapore Zoo.

The city’s excellent healthcare system and high-quality education facilities also provide peace of mind to traveling families. Overall, Singapore’s reputation for safety, cleanliness, and family-oriented amenities makes it an ideal destination for parents looking to explore the world with their children.


How can I take my toddler on a trip abroad?

Bring everything you’ll need for your toddler to go with you, including the essentials. When deciding whether to take your child on a trip or not, you should also speak with your concerned pediatrician to find out what safety precautions you should take.

How can I occupy my toddler while traveling?

Toddlers might have fun peeking outside or being entertained by stories. Children can even be forced to listen to audiobooks of their favorite cartoons or engage in entertaining activities like snacking.

Which age is the most difficult for traveling with a toddler?

12 to 18 months.
Discipline is unsuccessful at this age because kids are still too young to understand and comply with rules. Your only accurate options are distraction and perhaps bribery. When my kid was 17 months old, my family went through its own unique “flight from h-ll” at this age and stage.


There are quite several best places to travel with toddlers. Do well to choose one of the best places to travel with toddlers as stated in this article. Whatever destination you choose, your trip will be among the most excellent toddler vacations you’ve ever taken, from the best toddler holidays on beaches to cities with playgrounds.



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