Top 14 Most Visited Countries in Africa

Top most visited countries in africa

Africa, the second-largest continent on Earth, has a lot to offer visitors from around the world. Even though you might be one of those people who automatically think “safari” when you hear the word “Africa,” you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is much more to learn about this continent. The most visited countries in Africa are not exactly the richest but they have sites that can fascinate you.

Africa is an enchanting destination celebrated for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and fascinating wildlife. 

Beautiful landscape of an african savanna scene
Beautiful Landscape of an African Savanna Scene

The latest Economic Impact Report (EIR) from the World Travel and Tourism Council projects that between 2022 and 2032, the GDP of the African travel and tourism industry will increase on average by 6.8 percent annually, resulting in the creation of 14 million new jobs.

The tourist industry has traditionally been one of the main sources of foreign income for governments in nations like Kenya. The business is so vital that millions of jobs are supported along the value chain, particularly in the hotel and travel sectors.

In this article, we explore the top 14 most visited countries in Africa, shedding light on the reasons behind their popularity. Additionally, we delve into the lesser-known countries that are not as frequently visited and uncover the allure of the number one most visited country on the continent.

Which is the most visited country in Africa?

Morocco reigns supreme as the most visited country in Africa, drawing in a staggering number of tourists. This allure stems from its captivating blend of cultural riches, breathtaking landscapes, and delectable cuisine. Wander the bustling souks of Marrakech, overflowing with vibrant textiles and spices.

Explore the ancient medina of Fez, a labyrinthine city steeped in history. Beyond the cultural feast, Morocco boasts majestic scenery, from the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains to the vast expanse of the Sahara Desert.

So, Morocco’s captivating tapestry of cultural immersion, stunning beauty, and delectable flavors secures its place as Africa’s tourist haven.

Why are Some Countries Not Visited?

Africa is a vast and diverse continent, with each country offering a unique experience. Several factors contribute to certain countries not being as widely visited as others. Some countries may lack the necessary infrastructure for tourism, such as reliable transportation and developed tourist attractions. 

Political instability, safety concerns, or negative perceptions due to media coverage can also deter tourists. However, it’s important to note that while certain countries may not currently attract large numbers of visitors, they often possess untapped beauty and potential for future tourism growth.

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The Number One Most Visited Country in Africa

Topping the list of the most visited country in Africa is Morocco. This captivating destination boasts an irresistible blend of natural beauty and cultural marvels. From the vibrant markets of Marrakech to the Sahara Desert’s majestic dunes, Morocco entices travelers with its diverse landscapes, outstanding architecture, and delicious cuisine.

Views from the high atlas mountains from skoura, morocco | most visited country in africa
Views from The High Atlas Mountains from Skoura, Morocco.

The enchanting city of Casablanca offers a glimpse into a rich historical past, while the coastal towns of Essaouira and Agadir draw sun-seeking visitors.

Marrakesh, one of the world’s turbulent and colorful cities, is among the attractions of Morocco. Then, of course, there is Fes, a historically rich city with so much culture that a week would hardly be enough time to explore it all. If you’re touring the nation, think about including a stop in Essaouira. With all the raw appeal of Northern Africa, this lovely seaside town has a European vibe.

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List of the 14 Most Visited Countries in Africa

Here is the list of the top 14 most visited countries in Africa.

1. South Africa

The southernmost country in Africa, South Africa, offers visitors the chance to see exotic safaris, picturesque deserts, charming towns, and pleasant beaches. One of those places with a lot to offer is this one. Particularly if you desire an adventurous holiday, this is true. It is often called “The World in One Country” due to its unique geographic and cultural makeup. Anything is available, including a wide variety of fauna, stunning deserts, and fascinating museums.

Istockphoto 1459370599 170667a
View of Table Mountain Across Table Bay at sunset

Additionally, it is among the most visited countries in Africa. Cities in South Africa like Cape Town and Durban combine culture with cuisine. A single country could also send you on a historical and cultural roller coaster. The weather in South Africa is often dry and sunny.

2. Namibia

Namibia, one of the least populous nations in Africa, lies tucked away in the southwest of the continent. This is due to the fact that a large portion of it is made up of harsh desert terrain and the Namib Desert. Some colonial-era architecture is still present in Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, despite the country having been a German colony until it was granted independence from South Africa in 1990.

Istockphoto 1408595029 170667a
Two people at the top of a sand dune in Sossusvlei, Namibia.

As one of the most visited countries in Africa, the majority of tourists go to see its outstanding national parks, which are home to amazing animals and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. For instance, you can see lions, elephants, and black rhinos prowling the Kalahari at Etosha National Park. Another well-liked vacation spot is the Skeleton Coast, which is littered with several eerie yet oddly beautiful shipwrecks along its perilous Atlantic coastline.

3. Tunisia

Tunisia, a long-established tourism hotspot, is situated on North Africa’s Mediterranean coast between Algeria and Libya. It is one of the most visited countries in Africa as numerous Europeans travel here to relax on the golden sands and go swimming in the water because of the region’s wonderful weather, welcoming beaches, and thriving tourism business.

Istockphoto 1428410028 170667a
The Lighthouse in Tabarka, Tunisia.

Tunisia is much more than just sand, sea, and sun; it is also home to numerous awe-inspiring ancient historic monuments. This is due to the fact that throughout its history, it has been ruled by a wide range of people, including the Carthaginians, Romans, Ottomans, Arabs, and subsequently, the French. The breathtaking Roman amphitheater in El Jem and the remains and ruins of Carthage are without a doubt the highlights of its many historical sites.

4. Mauritius

Although Mauritius may take some getting accustomed to, visitors often leave in awe of the breathtaking beaches, mountains, and waterfalls on display hence it is numbered among the most visited countries in Africa. Because of its distance from Madagascar—more than 1,000 kilometers—it is home to some of the world’s rarest vegetation and animals.

Istockphoto 1459396374 170667a
Aerial view of Mauritius Island landscape.

Trekking into its hilly core while groups of colorful birds swirl above the tropical rainforest canopy is therefore a wonderful delight. You’ll find rocky gorges, soaring waterfalls, and steep ravines hidden among the thick vegetation. Overall, the volcanic landscapes provide some of the most idyllic settings imaginable.

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5. Tanzania

It can be difficult to know where to start in Tanzania because there is so much to see and do. If you want to go on safari and see the Big Five, you absolutely must visit the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater and the renowned Serengeti, both of which are located in the country’s north. The tallest mountain in Africa, snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, is also nearby.

Istockphoto 1081340204 170667a
Mt. Kilimanjaro with Acacia.

There are many distinct landscapes in this beautiful region of East Africa, each one more striking than the last. For instance, the country’s largest and most populous city, Dar Es Salaam, is situated along the Indian Ocean shoreline.

6. Egypt

Africa’s most visited nation is Egypt. Most tourists hail from the European Union, Asia, the Arab world, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The main attractions in Egypt include the Egyptian pyramids, pharaoh’s tombs, and the Luxor temple, all of which date back thousands of years. With iconic structures like the Great Pyramid of Giza and Khufu, the city of Giza is the most well-liked tourist attraction.

Istockphoto 1470529620 170667a
White Limestone on the White Desert National Park of Western Sahara in Egypt.

Egupyt is one of the most visited countries in Africa and in addition to visiting Cairo’s historical sites and other attractions, many tourists also travel there to enjoy the stunning Red Sea beaches. Egypt truly has something for everyone with its rich history, diverse culture, and breathtaking desert and coastline scenery.

7. Seychelles

The smallest and least populous nation on the continent, Seychelles is located around 1,500 km to the east of continental Africa.

The archipelago is made up of 115 islands, the majority of which are uninhabited, and is wonderfully stunning.

It is also encircled by the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean. The paradise islands have stunning beaches along their coastlines, but their interiors are largely mountainous and covered in dense jungle.

Istockphoto 1412139997 170667a
Beautiful sights in Seychelles.

As one of the most visited countries in Africa, they are home to a variety of unusual animals and flora because of their remote position, and most of them have been classified as nature reserves.

Offshore, the Seychelles is a spectacular location for snorkeling and scuba diving thanks to its vibrant coral reefs and rich marine life.

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8. Morocco

Morocco is a wonderful destination with a beguiling collection of stunning old cities, medinas, and souks.

These are tucked away among the High Atlas mountains and the picturesque Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches of the nation.

The nation at the northwest corner of the continent has long been a magnet for various peoples and cultures, and now its illustrious past is influenced by African, Arabic, Berber, and Western cultures.

Istockphoto 925721132 170667a

Everywhere you go, this incredible diversity is on display, with Essaouira, Fez, and Marrakech among the most well-liked tourist spots.
Morocco is undoubtedly one of the most visited countries in Africa due to its diversity.

9. Algeria

One of the most visited countries in Africa is Algeria, the largest nation on the continent. The nation of North Africa has a lot to offer tourists, including stunning coasts and snow-capped mountains.

Cities like Algiers and Constantine are appealing due to their blend of traditional, Islamic, and old colonial buildings.
The nation provides an abundance of outdoor adventures as well as ancient sites and architecture with Arab influences.

Istockphoto 1138690312 170667a
Ahaggar National Park, Algeria.

The capital, Algiers, is a well-liked destination where tourists may explore its historic streets and learn about its culture at its museums. Ahaggar National Park, which is nearby and boasts an outstanding craggy mountain range in the heart of arid, desert conditions, is perfect for people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

10. Uganda

Landlocked Uganda, which borders the largest lake in Africa, is also home to the highest mountain range on the continent and the source of the Nile.

Although its infrastructure and tourism sector is underdeveloped when compared to Tanzania’s and Kenya’s neighboring countries, this just adds to the allure of exploring its breathtaking scenery.

Due to its turbulent and tragic past, Uganda was long ignored by travelers visiting the continent, but it is now gradually reclaiming its moniker as the “Pearl of Africa” and is numbered among the most visited countries in Africa.

Istockphoto 1368572287 170667a
Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda.

This is mostly due to the fact that it is one of only three nations in the world where mountain gorillas can be seen in the wild. It is a must-do when visiting the Rwenzori Mountains’ cloud rainforests to witness the gorgeous animals up close.

11. Kenya

For many, Kenya is the birthplace of the safari, one of the most visited countries in Africa to observe animals up close. Lions, elephants, and buffalo roam with herds of antelope, flocks of flamingos, and the occasional black rhino amid its boundless savannah and deserts, which are teeming with life.

Some of the most well-known peoples and civilizations on the continent, such as the Maasai, Kikuyu, and Swahili, who each have their own distinct languages and customs, call their spectacular landscapes home.

Istockphoto 1486599712 170667a
Pink Flamingos at Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya.

The vibrant and swarming capital of Kenya, Nairobi, stands in stark contrast to the country’s residents’ centuries-old ways of life. Nairobi is one of the continent’s most exciting cities.

12. Ethiopia

Smart travelers are aware that Bahir Dar in northern Ethiopia’s Amhara region is one of the prettiest cities on the continent and is now one of the most visited countries in Africa. The Blue Nile Falls, which cascade from commanding craggy cliffs, are nearby this palm-lined city that crowns the banks of Lake Tana and the Blue Nile River.

37 of Africa’s most mysterious monasteries, each bursting with sacred art from the 16th and 17th centuries, are also located in Bahir Dar.

Istockphoto 1424233214 170667a
Old and New Bridge across Blue Nile, Ethiopia.

Bahir Dar’s extra crowning achievement is the palace of Ethiopia’s most well-known emperor, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie. It is situated three kilometers from Bahir Dar on a plot of land surrounded by jacaranda trees.

13. Nigeria

The West African nation is one of the most visited countries in Africa and also holds the title of the greatest economy in the world possessed by a wholly black nation, and is the largest black nation on earth.

Lagos, the largest city in the nation, receives the most tourists and has one of the busiest airports on the continent. Abuja, Calabar, Uyo, Port-Harcourt, Jos, Owerri, Enugu, and other cities are also popular tourist destinations.

Istockphoto 1141968579 170667a
Endless Beach, Badagry, Nigeria.

Every state in Nigeria has at least one tourist attraction, but the Cross River state has the most overall tourist attractions, including the Obudu cattle ranch, the Tinapa resorts, and even the annual Calabar funfair, which is Africa’s biggest street party.

14. Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the most visited countries in Africa. It has diligently attempted to recreate itself as a contemporary, functioning society during the past 25 years or more.

Kigali, is the country’s geographic and political hub, with immaculate streets and a low crime rate. It is now a bustling city with a thriving restaurant, café, and nightlife scene, galleries, sporting events, and its own eccentric “craft village” called Caplaki. It is no longer a spot you sleepily pass through on your way to the safari or a national park. You might adjust to your surroundings more quickly than you anticipated.

Istockphoto 1254053927 170667a
The landscape of the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda.

Volcanoes National Park, the first national park in Africa, is one of the destinations outside of the capital that draws the most people.

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What is the least visited country in Africa?

The title of the least-visited country in Africa belongs to Equatorial Guinea. Despite boasting stunning volcanic landscapes, pristine rainforests, and unique wildlife, tourist numbers in Equatorial Guinea remain stubbornly low at around 6,000 visitors annually.

Several factors contribute to this. Equatorial Guinea has a relatively limited tourism infrastructure, with fewer established tourist destinations compared to its neighbors. Additionally, a somewhat complex visa process can deter some travelers. Political instability in the past has also played a role.

However, Equatorial Guinea is making strides to change this narrative. Efforts are underway to improve tourism infrastructure and streamline the visa process. The country’s natural beauty and unique cultural experiences hold immense potential to attract more adventurous travelers seeking an off-the-beaten-path African adventure.

Which is the richest country in Africa?

Nigeria claims the crown as Africa’s richest country by Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This West African nation, brimming with a population of over 200 million, leverages its abundant oil reserves to fuel a powerful economy.

But Nigeria’s wealth extends beyond oil. A thriving non-oil sector encompassing agriculture, manufacturing, and services is rapidly growing. This diversification helps Nigeria’s economy weather fluctuations in the oil market.

However, it’s important to note that wealth distribution within Nigeria remains uneven. Despite its economic might, many Nigerians still grapple with poverty. Still, Nigeria’s position as the continent’s GDP leader signifies its immense economic potential.

What is the poorest African country?

The title of poorest African country goes to South Sudan. This young nation, born in 2011, has been plagued by conflict and instability. Despite rich oil reserves, the benefits haven’t reached the majority of the population.

Many South Sudanese struggle with poverty, limited access to necessities like clean water and healthcare, and a fragile economy hampered by violence. The path to progress remains long and arduous, but international efforts offer a glimmer of hope for a brighter future.

Which African country is easy to travel to?

Two African countries consistently rank high on ease-of-travel lists: Rwanda and Mauritius.

Rwanda, dubbed “The Land of a Thousand Hills,” is a beautiful and safe country with a fascinating history. Rwanda has made significant strides in recent years to position itself as a tourist-friendly destination. One of the biggest draws is their visa-on-arrival policy for most nationalities. This means you can literally get off the plane and obtain your visa at the airport, streamlining the entry process.

Mauritius, an island nation off the coast of southeastern Africa, is another great option for easy travel. Known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and luxurious resorts, Mauritius is a paradise for relaxation. The island is a melting pot of cultures, with influences from Africa, Europe, and Asia. Mauritius also boasts a relaxed visa policy, with visas obtainable online or upon arrival for many nationalities.

The best choice for you will depend on your travel preferences. If you’re looking for a wildlife safari and cultural immersion, Rwanda is a great option. If you’re seeking a beach vacation in paradise, Mauritius is the place to go.


Africa is a continent of extraordinary diversity and hidden treasures. While some countries are visited more frequently due to various factors, every African nation has its allure and potential for exploration.

By considering lesser-visited countries alongside the popular ones, travelers can discover the full extent of Africa’s breathtaking landscapes, rich cultures, and remarkable wildlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country in Africa receives the fewest tourists?

While tourism is continuously growing across Africa, countries such as Burundi, Chad, and Somalia receive fewer tourists compared to other African nations

Are any African countries unsafe for tourists?

While it is essential to stay informed about the safety conditions in any destination, the vast majority of African countries offer safe and enjoyable travel experiences. It’s always advisable to check travel advisories and consult with reputable tour operators.

What is the best time to visit Africa?

Africa’s diverse climate means there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The best time to visit depends on the specific country and the activities you wish to undertake. However, generally, the dry season (winter months) tends to be popular for wildlife safaris.

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