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Cuba travel agency
Cuba Travel Agency

Many travel agencies in Cuba provide tourist services and give individualized guidance with qualified specialists and experience for client satisfaction. They have offices all across the island. The only tour operator with an incoming agency of its own in Cuba and locations in various other nations is Havanatur Travel Agency. Paradiso promotes cultural tourism, while Ecotur focuses primarily on nature tourism.

You need a travel agency to ease your stress if you want to travel around. This article will take you through the best Cuba Travel Agencies to use for your travel experiences. Let’s get to it!



This Cuba travel agency, which has been operating in Cuba since 2005, was one of the first to use local guides and private guesthouses to capitalize on the friendly atmosphere of the nation. The outcome? Tours that have a solid relationship to the nation’s center.

The local tour guides are enthusiastic about showing tourists about their community and ensuring they have “real” experiences there. Tours that offer excellent value for the money benefit from the emphasis on utilizing local resources.

The lodging options are primarily family-run guesthouses, providing a personal experience and the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping the community. The flexible schedules leave plenty of time to explore or drink independently.

Cuba travel agency
CUBAN ADVENTURE| Cuba Travel Agency


Intrepid Travel is a Cuba Travel Agency founded by two wanderlust-filled Australians and it is all about embracing new experiences, venturing off the beaten road, and sharing these memories with others. These principles are evident in their small-group excursions, which blend original activities with free time for independent exploration.

To learn more about the country you are visiting, local guides take you beyond the “big name” attractions, essential in a location as complicated as Cuba.


Since this Cuba travel agency specializes in trips to and experiences in Guatemala and Cuba, you can be sure they know about these nations’ cultures. They offer more than just tours; they also provide opportunities to study a new language, dance, and volunteer. Bucanero believes that experiencing a place fully while traveling is just as vital as ‘seeing’ it.

They regard it as part of their responsibility to link people with new locations around the globe. This strategy is crucial for travelers visiting Cuba, a country many people need to familiarize themselves with. As a result, a tour with Bucanero will feature novel experiences and opportunities to interact with locals.


Exodus has led active small-group adventure tourism that supports the local communities it visits. Exodus offers responsible wildlife, walking and trekking, cycling, cultural, family, and polar excursions in more than 90 locations worldwide.

They have a wide variety of journeys spanning seven continents. They are the winners of the 2021 National Geographic Reader Awards for The Operator, the 2021 Conde Nast Traveller Readers’ Choice Awards, the 2021 USA Today Awards, the 2020 British Travel Awards, and the 2019 National Geographic Traveller Reader Awards.

More than 250,000 travelers have gone on experiences with their multi-award-winning local guides. Exodus offers a fantastic selection of vacations for all ages and levels of activity, whether the travelers are singles, couples, groups, or families.

Cuba travel agency
Exodus Travels| Cuba Travel Agency


MiCuba Travel is a popular Cuba travel agency. A DMC focused on fostering a local connection with Cuba is MiCuba Travel. By doing this, we hope to provide you with memorable experiences that go beyond simple excursions. Imagine you are interested in taking salsa lessons at the edge of a stunning Cayo in Cuba.

On top of that, we would set up a meeting with the locals after your class so you could dance and enjoy a drink with them or go out to dinner with your salsa instructor to learn more about their lifestyle (this is just an example to help you get the idea).


Explore is a well-known Cuba travel agency. Traveling with Explore will allow you to experience well-known attractions and undiscovered gems. We want to share a nation as tourists rather than just passing through it.

They will introduce you to the nation, its people, and its culture in often unscripted, spontaneous, and unrepeatable ways. You’ll return home with a unique perspective on the nation that other visitors might not have had.


Tauck is a popular Cuba travel agency. Fun, culturally focused group excursions, and cruises are excellent for elders and families on vacation. Seeing the sights of the world is simple. Must endure lengthy lines, dense crowds, and a vacation essentially the same as everyone else’s.

However, neither you nor us find it to be acceptable. Tauck thinks that traveling ought to be simple. It must be enjoyable. Your time and the cost you paid ought to have been worthwhile. It ought to revitalize and change. Above all things, it ought to be extraordinary because it matters how you perceive the world.

Cuba travel agency
Tauck| Cuba Travel Agency


G Adventures is a well-known Cuba travel agency. The world’s most incredible variety of cheap small-group tours, safaris, and adventures is available from adventure travel pioneer G Adventures.

Our distinguished tours feature genuine lodging, unusual cuisine, and local transportation to place tourists on a first-name basis with the people, cultures, landscapes, and wildlife of the world.

Adventure travel goes beyond a simple getaway. It’s an opportunity to get to know your world better by getting to know the people, places, and things that make exploring it worthwhile.

Cuba travel agency
G Adventures| Cuba Travel Agency


With its small group and individual excursions, Simply Cuba Tours strives to give its customers a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Cuba.

They are genuinely enthusiastic about what Cuba has to offer; thus, their trips are created for exploration, interaction, and absorption into Cuba as it is. Born and raised in Cuba, one of their key founders and tour guides brings our travelers local knowledge and practical insight.

Simply Cuba Tours focuses on taking you to the real Cuba. Their owner, a Cuban native and tour guide, designs excursions to introduce visitors to his homeland. They aim to dispel misconceptions about Cuba and immerse you in its authentic culture.


Discover Corps is a volunteer Cuba travel agency that has created a brand-new approach to learning about people and cultures around the globe in a way that inspires the human spirit. Discover Corps is a well-known Cuba travel agency.

Their ideal world is where people celebrate the diversity of cultures, respect our common humanity, and advance global citizenship.

Their goal is to help visitors better grasp everyday living while also making a difference in the places they visit.

Cuba travel agency
Discover Corps| Cuba Travel Agency


Where can I get a Cuban visa?

You can obtain one at the airport when you depart or go to the closest Cuban embassy (but bear in mind that not all airlines will assist you with that). You can obtain the document through your travel agent or an internet tool to obtain the Cuba Tourist Card.

Is traveling to Cuba affordable?

Luxury lodging costs about the same as it does in other pricey locations. On the other hand, Cuba is typically inexpensive, mainly if you reserve all-inclusive travel arrangements outside of the US. The cost can be significantly lower if you take advantage of paladares, share cabs, and stay in private homes.

Are visas required for Cuba?

Airlines will only let you fly with a valid tourist card because doing so would cost them money. For this reason, getting one before your flight is crucial. Put your mind at ease by submitting an online application for a Cuban visa.

Why are Cuba tickets so expensive?

Prices have begun to rise because there is a greater demand than the supply for tourist services in Cuba. Additionally, it will be some time before the government approves and begins building other hotels because Cuba doesn’t have a free market economy. This has a significant role in the high expense of travel to Cuba.

Is there an embassy for Cuba in Nigeria?

The Cuban Embassy in Abuja offers a wide range of consular services to Nigerian residents and Cuban and foreign nationals. Through its consular services, the Cuban Embassy in Abuja assists Nigerian individuals who require general or detailed information about the Cuban economy, culture, sports, education, and other topics.


Independent leisure travel to Cuba still needs to be permitted for Americans despite the most recent relaxation of travel restrictions. One option is people-to-people visits, a subcategory of educational journeys that allows independent visitors to Cuba.

Self-organizing such trips is challenging, and you may need to provide documentation to show that your trip satisfies the academic criteria. Visitors must maintain a full-time schedule of activities that result in “meaningful interaction between the traveler and individuals in Cuba.” For now, choosing the proper travel agency is still the best choice for visitors looking for worry-free, unlimited access to Cuba. It would be exceedingly challenging to book individual trips to music schools, artist residences, and historical sites, but travel agencies can arrange these.



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